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Gay playwright Larry Kramer tells Stonewall producer don’t listen to the trannies

Larry Kramer

Controversial gay playwright and aids activist Larry Kramer posted on Facebook supporting Stonewall the movie (sic) urging people not to listen to the ‘crazies’ who objected to the trailer. The euphemism ‘crazy’ isn’t anything new to the trans community. We hear it and read it daily. In the way that Kramer used it’s an easily recognizable thinly veiled metaphor for ‘tranny’. Yeah, I’m calling you out for it Kramer.

So was I the only one to make this connection?? Nope. Nelson Garcia a cisgender male gay blogger and no friend of the trans community wrote at NGblog:

NG Blog stonewall

One of those so-called ‘Crazies’ is Amy Walker. She threw the first brick in our rebellion against the cis-gay whitewashing of our history with her famous  article about how Stonewall Movie Erases Trans Women And Black Drag Queens From History.

But what really makes me even more furious is that Kramer called the youth at Gay Straight Alliance Network (GLSN), the originators of the petition to boycott Stonewall crazy. Equally awful is that he told people to ignore them. So fuck you, Kramer. I mean really. Go fuck yourself.

Isn’t it bad enough that they see it and hear on TV from cisgender straight media that they are ‘crazy’? Again. last night the big deal was when‘Pretty Little Liars’ Big Villain Reveal was a crazy trans person!

Next up on that comment thread is Wayne Besen a noted gay activist telling us, the poor stupid trans community, we should stop being “third tier activists”….

Wayne besson

So fuck you too Besen. YOU do not get to tell trans people what is important to us.

Kramer told the crowd at GLAAD that he learned of Stonewall while at the Los Angeles LGBT center. This post by the LA Center on facebook says volumes.

Los Angeles LGBT center

The LA LGBT Center communications manager, Gil Diaz was at first very helpful when first contacted but Friday when asked for a statement he told Planet Transgender “no comment on Stonewall”.

Silence constitutes complicity. So I am sorry Gil, but fuck you too. We will not go gently as the great white cis gay machine runs us down. You will see and hear us riot.

Uploaded by Ashly Love on Nov 14, 2010, Stonewall Veteran Miss Major (Executive Director of TGI Justice Project), who was actually in the Stonewall Inn in 1969 the night the famous riots started, speaks out against Gay Inc’s whitewashing of what really happened, and the way they have tried to erase trans people’s history.

If the Stonewall trailer had made it clear from the first frame that it is a FICTIONAL account and had it not used Obama’s Selma speech, I wouldn’t have had such an had issue with it. There are a number of accounts of the riot that say that people who were known as ‘drag’ before transsexualism was legal were the ones who incited gay people to riot.

It’s a very good possibly there still would have been a riot had not Marsha P. Johnson or other trans people been there. And there no denying that we, the LGBT people acted out in unison, but we the ‘crazies’ will not allow Kramer, Besen or Emmerich to erase or minimalize those under our umbrella who were present.

Infighting again. Once again a few gay men have trampled on the T and we are forced to riot.

The anger found at Stonewall also included people of color many who were allies and relatives who came in support arriving from the Bronx. They had been forced to leave Mid Town due to white gentrification. And this movie throws salt on this festering wound with it’s midwest white gay “SPARK?”

For fucks sake, it was men at Stonewall who stood up for the woman in the bar. Who threw the first shot glass, rock or whatever? Does it really matter? No, it does not. What really matters is that this fictional account doesn’t become conflated with actual history no matter how much money Roland Emmerich or the Los Angeles LGBT Center might lose.

Otoja Abit, a cisgender man plays the part of Marsha P. Johnson and Silvia Riveria’s not even in the movie at all?!? Again, for fucks sake don’t tell me that you couldn’t find a single trans woman of color who would play that part? Or perhaps the part was offered to a TWOC but she turned it down? Unlikely.

One more Black Trans Life Erased?

The crowd outside the Stonewall Inn started to push back at the police who tried to restrain them, the police knocked a few people down, Storme De Laverie, a POC lesbian crossdresser was observed throwing the first punch after being pushed around by a policeman which incited bystanders even more. source-Back to Stonewall

R.I.P. Storme De Laverie

So now where’s GLAAD and HRC?

Why the silence from None of the organizations who profess to be transgender inclusive has yet responded. Not HRC, but there’s no big surprise there. That organization tends to keep out of riots unless I bring it right to their doorstep. Literally. I along with many other activists brought that riot right to HRC’s front door and beyond, inside their hollowed fundraising walls.

But what of GLAAD? Jiminy Cricket, we see their paid advertisement every time you google ‘transgender’ offering the media a guideline as to what’s right and what’s wrong with our portrayal in movies? So has GLAAD taken issue with the trailers apparent cis white washing of Stonewall?

No, quite the opposite. GLAAD gave the Emmerich an award, specifically mentioning Stonewall the movie  at the 26th Annual GLAAD Media Awards last march in Los Angeles.

“Emmerich has been one of the most sought after directors in Hollywood for nearly two decades, helming global box office hits like Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, and The Patriot. He recently finished filming on his next project, Stonewall, which follows a “young’s man coming of age during the days leading up to the Stonewall Riots” and is slated for release later this year.”

Now, I wouldn’t expect GLAAD to comment negatively about the trailer, not with what they have invested socially and hope to reap from their association monetarily. Conversely, I am absolutely sure someone from the GLAAD crowd has seen the movie before the award was presented. So there we are. Under the fucking bus again.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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