Gay bar bans drag queens on ‘Trashy Tuesday’

David Moore, co-owner of the Crews Inn, claims he can legally keep transgender people out of his gay bar on Fitzhugh Avenue in Dallas if their appearances don’t match their photo IDs.


However a GLB and T friendly bar down the street doesn’t seem to have had this problem according to manager John Miles “I have not noticed any difference in the behavior of drag queens from our other customers,” he said. “They behave themselves very well and do not cause problems. They will always be welcomed at Zippers.”

A demonstration of solidarity from the community is planned for the 26th of July in front of Crews Inn at 10:00pm. Stonewall anyone?

I will be there. I love our Super Drag Queens!!

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2 Responses to Gay bar bans drag queens on ‘Trashy Tuesday’

  1. Queers United July 18, 2008 at 7:07 pm

    ridiculous, and extra dissapointing that this is happening from within the community. i reposted it, thanks!

  2. Kelli Busey July 18, 2008 at 7:25 pm

    Your the Best Queers United !!!
    I’m going for the party. Since now I have long flowing golden locks (lol), I gave my wig to a friend who’s getting Chemo but ya know I bet I could find something really, really trashy to wear!!!
    Wanna come? It’s gonna be some kinda fun>>>>>>>:)