Gang that forced Brazilian transwoman into drug trade dismantled


On Monday Civil Police (CP) in Curitiba Brazil arrested 8 and performed 12 search and seizure warrants during the so-called “Keshara” operation, The campaign in the capital city of the state of Paraná is the cumulation of an investigation of a gang accused of sexually extorting and exploiting transgender woman. The gang members were also arrested on robbery, theft and receiving stolen vehicles charges.

According to the newspaper Gazeta do Povo, the leader of the gang forced the woman to sell a ketamine-based drug that they provided while doing sex work that they forced them to do.

The police operation, Keshara, is named after the out of the body experiences, like the effect that ketamine has on users.

Image: Quadrilha que explorava travestis é presa pela Polícia em Curitiba




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