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#Gamergate bigots help amplify trans voices with #OffendCisPeople

#OffendCisPeople #GamergateNatalie Frost, a 21-year-old polyamourous trans lesbian game design student, who is better known online as Mismembered, didn’t initially intend for the her #offendcispeople tag to actually get anywhere. “I didn’t, like, devise it to be this trending hashtag. It actually started as a regular tweet, which I made after seeing a post appear on my dashboard that begged trans people to be patient with cis people when explaining gender to them, asking us to ‘not offend cis people, it won’t help you at all’ or something to that tune,” explained Frost. “Me, being my usual snarky self thought, ‘offend cis people, that’s a pretty easy thing to do’, which I eventually tweeted out as a hashtag.”

Natalie actually credits a tweet from @magicnanners for really solidifying the ethos of the tag and helping her see the significance of it:


“It went from being this sort of glib offhand series of tweets to really focusing on how the very existence of trans, genderqueer, non-binary and nonconforming and intersex people is seen as offensive by a large portion of cis people.”

Before long, other trans, non-binary, genderqueer, gender nonconforming, and intersex twitter users began to tweet their own frustrations about daily experiences with systemic violence, cissexism, transphobia, and more. The tag also began to highlight many of the micro-aggressions that people both knowingly and unknowingly direct toward trans individuals in their lives and communities. Some of these behaviors include a general reluctance to using a person’s pronouns, both passive and aggressive misgendering, referring to a trans person by their deadname, telling and/or defending transphobic jokes, invalidating and disrespecting identities, referring to one oneself as “normal” rather than cisgender, as well as generally dismissing serious issues facing the trans community as not being important.

It was something that Frost not only didn’t find surprising at all, “The backlash was unavoidable. I wasn’t surprised when it came. I’ve dealt with GamerGate before. I was aware the hashtag itself was written in an inflammatory way,” said Frost. “As sad as I was that the tag was eventually flooded, a part of me was really happy to see that in the end the only people in the #offendcispeople tag were offended cis people. It felt kind of like a perfect, and very meta, a meaningful conclusion to the whole tag.”

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Texas Tribune
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  1. I am still curious as to how I am a misogynist and how my post is misogynist

    “In response to a very misogynistic comment on Planet Transgender by Gamergater”

    In addition I am also curious as to what I have done to out even before the blockbot and I was being accused of everything short of eating babies, I maintain that I did not do anything terrible.

    “I found this remark curious “#Gamergate know this. You will not do to transpeople what you have done to so many on-line female gamers. We are legion.””

    I am interested in you telling me what I have apparently done. I am not aware I have done anything at all.

  2. No I stand by the assessment and my tone has not changed.
    I thinking reading what you say here is that you believed I was saying YOUR article was shitposting, which it isn’t.
    Shitposting is off the cuff lampooning which I believe most of the entries in the hashtag certainly were.
    You may not see merit in anyone crashing a hashtag with shitposting and I can appreciate that sentiment.
    You may believe that the reasons for shitposting on that hashtag are misogynistic or transphobic, I simply disagree.
    Again I will absolutely apologise for any Transphobic that comes through. Transphobic individuals as you know, like any bigotry exist and wriggle their way into any part of Society. They are the minority and unfortunately do not come stamped with BIGOT stamped on their foreheads for us to avoid them.
    The problem is that people, in their ignorance or bias will say that Gamergate is fuel on harassment and violence and bigotry and this is the motivation in the hearts of 10000+ people.
    An easy analogy is I can tell you that the scum manifesto and Valerie Solanus PROVE that Feminists are all about killing and enslaving men. I will tell you that I am no fan of Feminism but I (and I hope you do too) recognise that is not proof nor could it speak for the greater Feminist populace.
    Shitposting is mostly mindless, much of it spammy, interspersed with some good points – most of which will not likely be read) because it is sandwiched between waffle, spam and mindless shit.
    You say there was some transphobic stuff there and I will not pick apart each example to see if it meets what I consider transphobic or argue what or how those particular individuals may have meant it. I will take your word for it and not assume hypersensitivity or anything like that.
    I believe you. I apologise.
    I also think that the platform and collective motivations and intent for Gamergate comes from good places and we could not have sustained our efforts this long and in these numbers and with this diversity on hate.

  3. Ross, I do appreciate your tone in your last comment. Much better that you’re first one which started with “This looks to me like unadulterated shitposting.”

    I would ask you to look at the Storify. Those tweets were selected by Storify using the Hashtags #Gamergate and #OffendCisPeople.

    It’s a very fair, albeit unscientific sampling that puts an undeniable spotlight on the misogyny and transphobia that is so prevalent in the gaming industry specifically, #Gamergate. Are all of those tweets by cis males? No, that would be ridiculous to assume. I know from experience there is a lot of lateral hostility in the trans community.

    So who makes up the majority of Gamers? Cisgender males. Surveys done indicate up to 80% of online gamers are cisgender males.

    So what of trans gamers?

    If every transgender person alive today was a gamer the percentage of cisgender male gamers at the very most might be decreased by 1/2% given that the most accepted estimate of our population is between 2 and 5% of the population.
    *There is an ongoing study which should give us a more accurate percentage.

    Source: Gender prevalence in video games

    Dota 2 –

    EVE Online –

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    The Sims –

    Sing Star –

  4. Thank you for the response Kelli. I certainly do say that “nearly all are white middle class Western ladies”. Now I stand by that assertion. Does it men that ALL are white? Does it mean ALL are Western? Does it mean ALL are middle class? Does it mean ALL are Women? No. But I think that you will find that this is mostly the case.

    Class is important when defining privilege. Very important. It is the one aspect downplayed against all other classifications of identity.

    Your opportunities in life and potential increases with higher class. But this you know as well as I . There is nothing astounding in this.

    NOR is there ANY possible way that anyone could reasonably call it misogynist.

    I found this remark curious “#Gamergate know this. You will not do to transpeople what you have done to so many on-line female gamers. We are legion.”

    Okay, what HAVE I “done to SO many online female gamers?”
    Please be clear about this. I would say that I have not done anything. I would further say that I do not know of ANY supporter of Gamergate that has done anything.

    I can absolutely say that with the popularity of the hashtag Gamergate and the polarised positions of both sides of the issue, that trolls (independent third parties and groups such as, GNAA, Baphomet, Something Awful forums) have harassed both sides of the issue. (By harassed I mean doxed, swatted, phoned, and sent threats). These have been made against males and females cis and trans and on both supporters and denouncers.

    So this in mind I would very much like to understand the somewhat cryptic allusion to what I have done to so many online female gamers?

    Its strange that you say that gaming community is so misogynistic. I have been around the community since October and the males seem very nice to the other males and females and the females seem very nice to the males and females. So how are they all hating women….and how and why would the women in it hate themselves? You are calling it misogynist and so you are obviously hanging with a different crowd of people….or perhaps not at all, but passing judgement regardless.

    When you mention Cis Male Gamers finding it hilarious calling police on transwomen is that a blanket statement applying generally or is it more of a “There was a situation once when a few people who happened to be male called police on a transwoman” It kind of sounds like you are trying to portray this as a common occurrence or at least a communal mindset shared by Cis Males on the basis that they are Cis Males. If so how do you imagine that all Cis males would hold such a view?

    Not a lot of what you have written makes much sense to me but perhaps it simply wasn’t supposed to. I would imagine that your regular readers it does and that is well and good. More power to you.

    Last note, 1 Transperson killed every 29 hours? Holy crap! That is a shocking statistic. Unfortunately as long as we are all humans horrible stuff will occur in the world. People will kill each other over race, nationality, religion, oil. Could I believe that they would kill people for being trans? Yeah, I could. I think bigots will always be a minority of people. Most people simply do not care one way or another.

    Wishing you and your readers all the very best

  5. In response to a very misogynistic comment on Planet Transgender by Gamergater

    Gamegutter you invalidated your response by stratifying what you perceive as the classes of trans social activists which is exactly what you criticised the community at large of doing…

    >>>”Look at who pushes this and to what end. Nearly all are white middle class Western ladies. The ONE diversity they avoid to talk about in their Progressive stack is the one that would register THEM privileged. It is undoubtedly the most important, class.”

    ^Gamergater why don’t you identify yourself? The duplicity of that accusation is mind boggling

    And you know this how? Oh, you don’t because you admittedly are not a member of this minority.

    Gamergater the Planet Transgender article you commented on was posted by “Staff Writer”. Planet Transgender has male, female, agender and gender non-conforming journalists of many racial backgrounds. This article was contributed to by many of the aforementioned people and accordingly was published under the ‘staff writer’ byline.

    >>>”We do lampoon this kind of stuff.”

    Cis male Games thinks it’s hilarious when they call police on female gamers who compete and win. Especially trans females.

    Online video gaming, as it turns out is one of the most misogynistic male-dominated venues in the world. save perhaps Putin’s media machine.

    #Gamergate know this. You will not do to transpeople what you have done to so many on-line female gamers. We are legion.

    Why would I take the time to comment on such a post

    A trans person is murdered every 29 hours.

    I know for a fact I #OffendCisPeople not all, but some, by breathing. But when that starts to get me down, I just take another breath a smile.

    Have a nice day and as always thanks for visiting Planet Transgender.

    Kelli Busey
    Editor in Chief
    Planet Transgender

  6. This looks to me like unadulterated shitposting.
    You see offence behind this? No. It is one of a series of ideologically informed hashtags that has been mocked, derided and lampooned. Why? Because the very start and reason for its existence has been snark and driving an “us and them” divide.
    You will appreciate that as a cis person I can not with any accuracy judge what it feels like or what the experience, motivations or such, of a transperson are like.
    The opposite is the same. You can not with any accuracy judge the same of cis people as a group or of individuals.
    In fact truth be told, you can’t know with any absolute assurance what is in the heart of hearts of your fellow transpeople.
    Would it surprise you to know that Gamergate supporters number over 10 000 and have every diversity in their ranks….. Including transpeople.
    This homogeneous harassment group of media imagination doesn’t exist.
    Certainly Gamergate is not “Progressive” and many of its opponents are. I find “progressive values” regressive, stifling and dishonest. In fact I find them a big con.
    Those that push the “us and them” Progressive Stack tend to make every effort to assign levels of “privilege”.
    Look at who pushes this and to what end. Nearly all are white middle class Western ladies. The ONE diversity they avoid to talk about in their Progressive stack is the one that would register THEM privileged. It is undoubtedly the most important, class.
    Many if not most of these people who are happy dividing us all into neatly categorised humans with the same thoughts and motivation if we are black or if we are disabled or transmitted or women or whatever and assign privilege as to who will have it easier in life forget, somewhat too conveniently the one big one, class. Class will make or break you, yet they preach as part of the down trodden and oppressed.
    It’s a con.
    I imagine you are a decent person and an individual first and foremost, and that you do not believe in the being able to judge the totality of a race, gender, nationality or whatever else on that classification alone. I hope not, there is a word for that, bigotry.
    We do lampoon this kind of stuff. When people like this came to insert themselves into gaming and to control gaming industry discourse, gamers pushed back.

    Now I strongly suspect most of the hashtags tweets were mindless shitposting and lampooning. If there was any serious bad tweets in there, you have my personal apologies for whatever that’s worth. Gamergate is 10000+ people loosely congregating around a hashtag. It is not hivemind.

    Whilst you may know (or know of) Feminists that purport to be about simply wanting men and women to be equal and that’s their sole association and others want to #killallmen or cull men to 10%, most rational people would never call one the other nor make one responsible for the other’s insanity. There are no leaders in Feminism either.

    So I hope this explains Gamergate a little clearer and perhaps an insight into one Gamergate supporters motivations


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