Funding found for the Gender Dysphoria Clinic Melbourne

Premier of Victoria, Mr Daniel Andrews.

Gender Dysphoria Clinic Melbourne in funding crisis

Having experienced a significant uplift in the demand for its services, the Gender Dysphoria Clinic at Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne has seen waiting lists creep out to over a year for its services.

That is until the Victorian Government, through the Premier, Mr Daniel Andrews, allocated extra funding to the RCH which will in part help ease the waiting times in the Gender Dysphoria Clinic.
The Minister for Equality, Martin Foley and the Health Minister, Jill Hennessy, have met with Dr Michelle Telfer, who runs the Gender Dysphoria Clinic. They have been extremely impressed with the work conducted within the clinic and the results achieved so far.

The clinic is the focal point in Australia for dealing with and treating Gender Dysphoric children from a very young age. Not only does the clinic provide a significant treatment facility from a medical and therapeutic stand-point, but it also assists the families and young children in the care they need, dealing with their development through their pubertal years and in their placement in supportive educational facilities.

This will be Part 1 of a report which will see us delve into the acceptance the child finds in their new environment, how well they are able to express themselves in their lived gender and how have the educational facilities been able to integrate and provide for these young folk.



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