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FTM Female Detransitioner: My story, and what I wish I knew

The process of gender transition is about learning about our true selves. As much as TERFs and conservatives would like you to think otherwise, there is nothing shameful or wrong about detransitioning,

This is about what is right for you, not them.

“RivalMaverick” a YouTuber with 98K following began medical transition without having any idea of what she was doing. This is why counseling is so important. I would recommend at least a year of professional counseling before beginning hormones.

Transition, A Struggle for Happiness

One enviable aspect of female to male transition is how quickly one’s voice is masculinized. But for someone who goes into the process blind, this can be tragic.

Her voice had already changed when she thought of transitioning back to presenting a woman. This was was almost too much for her to deal with. She felt alone like she was the only one who did this.

Transitioning to become comfortable with dating never works. As we know sex and gender are two things. the main reason for her detransition she said, was because she didn’t want to date women. She will likely find that her detransition didn’t help in that respect.

TERF “Detrans” a dangerous and deadly ideology

Bring a guy didn’t change her life as expected. “OMG, I might have fucked up. she thought.” She changed every aspect of life and the thought that she would have to admit that was wrong was almost too much to take.

In retrospect, she has some excellent advice for everyone who is considering medically transitioning. Take your time, think it through. Seek a counselor who won’t push you into transition and conversely one that isn’t a gatekeeper.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender