Frontier Airlines Suspends Pilot Kevin Bickerstaff Who Threatened 12YO Trans Girl

Kevin Bickerstaff

AirBus A320

Do you want to fly on this A320 piloted by Kevin Bickerstaff who thinks its great fun to beat up 12-year-old girls?

Kevin Bickerstaff

Kevin Bickerstaff’s LinkIn profile indicates he has 19 years experience and currently flies Airbus A320 for Frontier Airlines.

Frontier Airlines told KXII TV that captain Kevin Bickerstaff has been “suspended indefinitely” for FaceBook Posts encouraging other students at Achille Oklahoma elementary school to beat up 12-year-old Maddie, a transgender student.

Bickerstaff’s posts were one of many made on Facebook on the Official Achille ISD parents Facebook group. The Breen County sheriff said the mother filed a protective order against one parent but no other arrests have been made, however, several agencies including the FBI are stepping in to see if any comments constitute a hate crime

Maddie and family have since fled their home and are in the process of moving from Oklahoma and are the beneficiaries of a GoFundMeGOFundMe to help make that happen.

It is unknown if the suspension was with pay or if Frontier Airlines will put back on duty.

But it is clear that Frontier Airlines should fire Kevin Bickerstaff.

1 (801) 401-9000 Frontier Airlines Customer Relations

Kevin Lee Bickerstaff, age 58 of Ada, suggested, “Just tell the kids to kick it's ass in the bathroom and it won’t want to come back!”

Jay Standifer added to the thread, “Seth Shelbie Cooper sounds like we are going to have to get a case of beer and a big ass fan to get him and his dad smoked off Bernie Crenshaw.” [

Eddie Belcher, age 79 of Broken Arrow, said, “If he wants to be a female make him a female. A good sharp knife will do the job really quick."

Gina Segraves refers to the child as "thing" in one post, while clearly not having seen herself in a mirror lately. In the intro area to her Facebook, Segraves refers to herself as a "bitch".

Seth Cooper said, “Let Parker [son of Burney and Jaime Crenshaw] whip his ass until he quits coming to school.”

The Bible-thumping Eddie Alford McCroskey II, age 43, of 35136 Pleasant Valley Rd in Wister, OK has a felony record that includes child abuse by injury, transporting a loaded firearm, and possession of a firearm while under supervision. The divorced man is currently engaged to Melissa Lycklama of Broken Bow. It will be the Bible quoter’s third marriage in eight years.

Ty Andrew Hays, who refers to the child as a maggot, has a criminal record for assault and battery in the presence of a minor in Custer County. Hays, age 42, resides in McLean, Texas and is married to Lacey Hays. Hays, who is native to Weatherford, OK, has had protective orders filed against him by a former wife. He currently has an outstanding warrant in Blaine County for failure to have insurance..

Jacky Billy Upton, age 35 of Stigler, shared with Jamie Blanchett a meme implying that, if you went into the wrong bathroom, you'd need to use the handicapped stall.

Jamie Crenshaw (middle) began the hatefest by posting a warning in the Achille ISD Parent Group on Facebook. accusing the transgender 12 year old of 'looking over the tops of bathroom stalls".

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2 Responses to Frontier Airlines Suspends Pilot Kevin Bickerstaff Who Threatened 12YO Trans Girl

  1. Karen M Vaughn August 20, 2018 at 1:11 pm

    Thank you for the update on one of the low life adults who threatened a 12 year old transgender girl. Please keep digging and looking at this.

    Karen Marie Vaughn
    Cast Member
    Lost in Transition

  2. Mary DiMattia August 21, 2018 at 6:19 pm

    Wow! I am so happy to see this! I just contributed to Maddie’s GoFundMe and was really glad to see the names of these horrible people included in the story. They all need to be called out and publicly shamed, in the very least. I will be contacting Frontier Airlines to let them know I will no longer be flying their airline if this pilot is allowed to continue working for them. I’m also glad to see that the FBI is involved.