Four arrested for the murder of a transgender person in Mumbai

Transgender murder Mumbai
Representational: A hijra community, Mumbai, India.
Transgender murder Mumbai
Representational: A hijra community, Mumbai, India.

Three men and a minor were arrested Friday for the murder of Khwaja Sara S. Pujari in Mumbai, India. The four according to Vishal Thakur, Deputy Commissioner of Police Zone-11, tried to murder Pujari three times before killing them at 4.30 pm on Wednesday when Pujari was away from home in Malad.

No Justice for Mumbai Transgender woman gang raped by Police

The gender of the victim hasn’t yet been specified so Planet Trans will respectfully identify them either as transgender, Khwaja Sara, or with gender-neutral pronouns.

Pujari attempted to fight back, Hindustan Times reports, but one of the assailants took out a knife and slit their throat. Locals gathered after hearing screams for help, following which the accused fled the spot.

“A transgender person was brutally murdered on February 24 on the side of the road. Police personnel immediately reached the scene and took the body to the hospital. Post mortem revealed that the transgender was stabbed with a hammer or a sharp object,” Thakur told reporters.

After the murder, the four fled the city and switched off their mobile phones. Police officers investigating the case received information regarding their whereabouts, based on which the police laid a trap and nabbed them on Friday.

“They said they were Pujari’s neighbors in Prem Nagar and used to get intimidated by them every day. Pujari, who was the head of the transgender community in Malad, allegedly used to threaten them and others in the locality,” said an officer from Bangur Nagar station.

Police said they have arrested the three and sent the minor to protective custody at a children’s home.

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