Fort Worth ISD defines Transgender Student Policy


Fort Worth ISD defines Transgender Student Policy

Superintendent Kent Scribner announced new transgender guidelines Wednesday defiantly saying the altered policies were part of a planned process and not because of political pressure from anyone in Austin.

Scribner was referring to  LT Gov. Dan Patrick and TX AG Ken Paxton whom with their political grandstanding made it clear they would rather have dead transgender students, which they have ignored all along, than live ones.

A recently published study by the American Academy of Pediatrics has shown that transgender children who are accepted by parents, socially and in schools display rates of anxiety and depression consistent with cisgender peers. These socially accepted students are far less likely to suffer from dysphoria induced depression which leads to truancy, drug usage, and socially unacceptable behavior often resulting in their murder or suicide.

One of the main issues with the original guidelines was an option given transgender students of whether to allow the school to inform their parents of their gender identity. This option was applaudable since many times in worst case scenarios, like that with Carla, Leelah Alcorn’s mother a parents unacceptance is a core reason transgender children commit suicide. But accordingly as shown by the ACP study and by personal experience one can not discount the importance of family acceptance. There is a chance, however remote, that I may be in agreement with my states LT Governor about this. However, it’s more likely given Dan Patrick’s vehement hatred of transgender people he found it politically expedient to defer on this one point.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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