Fort Worth Baptist Pastor Quits Amid Gay Prostitution Inquiries

stedfast baptist church

stedfast baptist church

Stedfast Baptist Churches Pastor Donnie Romero, who’s virulently homophobic and transphobic sermons inflamed hatred against LGBT people resigned from his Texas church after admitting he has been “a terrible husband and father.”

Stedfast Baptist Church identified as a known hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center has been the venue for numerous Romero sermons praising the pulse massacre and bragging about harassing lesbians and calling for the death of ‘dirty f*ggots’

  • Another pastor will start on Sunday but he’s every bit as bad.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s four-part investigation uncovered hundreds of cases in which fundamental Baptist pastors raped and terrorized congregants of all ages and both sexes threatening eternal damnation, even death should the victims speak about their crimes.

More than 130 Baptist pastors have been found guilty of rape, kidnapping, sexual assault, and a litany of other crimes, with most victims being children and teens, according to a database compiled by the Star-Telegram. Dozens of abusive pastors had multiple victims—one raped 11 girls in his congregation—and several had abused children as young as 7 years old.


While neither Romero nor Anderson responded to News’ requests for comment, the new pastor of Stedfast Baptist Church, Jonathan Shelley, did. Shelley, like Anderson, said frequenting prostitutes led to Romero’s resignation, though Shelley added that he did not know the gender of the prostitutes.

Like Romero, Shelley strongly condemns homosexuality.

“The bible makes it clear that homosexuals should be put to death according to God’s law, and at the founding of America that once was the law,” he claimed. “I personally believe that every homosexual is a pedophile … because of this they should be removed from society.”

Sometimes words of hate translate into actions. Just last month a Baptist Pastor was arrested for the murder of a transgender woman.

And it’s not getting better.

A pastor known for his hate speech against the LGBTQ community will lead the Fort Worth church after its previous leader was ousted on allegations that he slept with prostitutes.”

Jonathan Shelley, who leads Pure Words Baptist Church in Houston, will be inaugurated Sunday at Stedfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth, according to a YouTube video that Shelley posted Friday night.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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