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Former policeman files deception charges against trans sex worker

Anibal Guzman Martinez
 Local media says officer Martinez innocently walked through this brothel door “looking for fun” only to be deceived and robbed.

Former Dominican Republic police officer Anibal Guzman Martinez says he was robbed of thousands of pesos by a trans woman who he now says was a gay man in a local brothel.  

Martinez, 44, from Doña Ana, decided to pay a trans sex worker because of her “caresses were very emotional, intense and prolonged” but minutes later he realized that his partner had stolen his wallet leaving him locked in the room.

Martinez then filed a complaint with the police for theft and deception. According to El Nacional “he accepted the invitation of the homosexual but that at no time he thought him to be a man but a woman, by the way he caressed him.”

The former police officer said that the money he was carrying was his Christmas bonus, and not having fun in his community, Doña Ana, decided to go to the brothel.

The way Dominican media treated this case is a good demonstration of the way transgender people are treated in this country and Central and South Americas.

Eduarda Alice Santos
Trans woman, activist, writer and translator from Portugal (that's in Europe)


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