TERF: Transgender estrogen laced pee is “forcibly transing fish”

forcibly transing fish

During a TERF  meeting Wednesday in the UK of “Inconvenient Women” keynoted by Shelia Jefferys ab attendee posited to a seemingly disinterested panel that male gender mutation of fish is occurring because of transgender pee.

The entire video is worth watching albeit excruciatingly so as they rudely shouted over one another like a cabal of bullies while trying to establish strategy, only agreeing on capitalizing on both Trump and the opportunities in Britain to subvert transgender rights.

Not all is going according to TERF wishes as the British government issued a statement responding to their anti-transgender petition affirming that they are looking to affect positive changes and not elimination as TERFs demand.

An idea of how TERFs work… today in the USA…..

Today at the #Baltimorepride group of TERFs marched unannounced behind the mayor. Accordingly, as per their modus operandi, ambiguous subversion, they displayed signage that only some feminists and trans activists and cisgender allies would recognize and object to.

Alice Ashton was at the Baltimore Pride and told us that “One sign said “[something] Woman is not a feeling” and on the reverse, “violence against lesbians is an epidemic.” The other sign said “Change society, not your body.” It’s not visible in the video, but there was another sign, on the back of the “change society” sign I believe, that said “Dykes don’t want dick.” I wish I had a photo of that to show you, but it will likely pop up eventually on the #baltimorepride hashtag.”

We saw them at the very beginning of the parade. My friend saw them a block or two from the end, so they likely made the whole parade.

Meanwhile back in the UK………

An hour and forty minutes into this rancorous gathering a woman self-identifying as an eco-activist, Elisabeth, spoke off-camera about her ‘obsession’. She wondered about ‘who’s making these synthetic hormones and forcing them into kids? Another thing that breaks my heart,” Elizabeth continues “Is that because of trans and HRT we’re peeing a lot of estrogen into the water and are forcibly transing (sic) the fish and that means that crocodiles and alligators are in danger.

It’s both interesting and correct that Elizabeth used the contraction “we’re’ to identify the cause of the pollution. Transgender people, specifically trans woman on HRT contribute an infinitesimally minute amount of tainted urine but we are and should feel accountable. But cisgender women using birth control are the main source according to research. Instead of being petty and transphobic, perhaps cis and Trans people could find common ground here and join together to find a workable solution and help save the earth?

DrRadFem, the ball is in your court.

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