Terry Brady faces life for the murder of Yaz’min Sanchez

Terry Brady

Yaz'min Sanchez

This blood-splattered charred wall in an industrial area bears silent testimony to the heinous murder of transgender woman Yaz’min Sanchez committed by twice convicted felon, Terry Brady.

Yaz'min Sanchez
Yaz’min Sanchez / Facebook

The jury returned the verdict Thursday after only 1 1/2 hours convicting Terry Brady of the 2014 murder of transgender woman Yaz’min Sanchez. Brady will be sentenced October 4th for murder in the second degree for shooting and twice immolating Yaz’min Sanchez behind a dumpster in southwest Florida.

It took police four days to identify Sanchez, sadly first deadnaming her. The horrific nature of the crime led the LGBT community to believe prosecutors would have no option than to charge the perpetrator with a hate crime. Although the prosecutor believes Brady committed the crime out of fear of being outed as ‘gay’ they lack evidence that it was premeditated.

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To prove second-degree murder, a prosecutor must show that the defendant acted according to a “depraved mind” without regard for human life. Florida state laws permit the prosecution of second degree murder when the killing lacked premeditation or planning, but the defendant acted with enmity toward the victim or the two had an ongoing interaction or relationship. Unlike first degree murder, second degree murder does not necessarily require proof of the defendant’s intent to kill.

When sentenced Brady will receive a minimum sentence of 30 years but the prosecutor is asking for life.

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