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Florida HB 583 the bill that would put Jazz Jennings in jail passes first hurdle

bar fighter

The author of HB 583, Miami Rep. Frank Artiles, who allegedly punched a student in the face  in a bar fight Monday told the Tampa Bay Times his bill would prevent sexual crimes from happening.

The proposal is intended to address public safety concerns that its sponsor, Rep. Frank Artiles, R-Miami, said arise from a broad nondiscrimination ordinance passed in Miami-Dade County in December. That ordinance, he said, would permit men to legally enter women’s restrooms and locker rooms for the purpose of committing a crime against those women.

“I believe that criminals — males — will use this law as the cover to go into the women’s locker room,” Artiles said. “All they have to say is, ‘I feel like a woman today.’ ”

What this bill won’t affect. Sexual predators and deviants.

Law enforcement in 12 states report that there have been no incidents regarding transgender people in the bathrooms where legal access to public accommodations has been granted. They have also reported that there has been no increase in reported cases regarding cisgender people in restrooms as well.

There hasn’t been a single case of a transgender person acting inappropriately in Miami-Dade’s restrooms either.

It wouldn’t stop adults from knocking school kids out.

What this will would do.

It would allow hateful people to take swings at outwardly transgender people in the bathroom, regardless if they are in the mens or ladies room.

It would also force drag queens, cross dressers and questioning youth who are increasingly accepted by society in their correct gender, into the wrong restroom.

It would’t just put Jazz Jennings in jail. It would potentially put every transgender person in Florida out of a job. Transition is a medical necessity not a whimsical decision.

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