First Russian transgender Wedding A Joyous Occasion

First Russian transgender Wedding

Trans woman Erika Askarova joined in matrimony with trans man Viktor Manuilin Thursday, December 12 in the city of Kazan Russia. The Moscow Times which first broke the news about the betrothal of the two very out trans people said they became overnight sensations in this conservative country after they shared their ceremony on Instagram.

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Нет лучше подарка, чем жена – татарка🤗😏
#свадьба #transisbeautiful #ftm #mtf #wedding


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Нет лучше подарка, чем жена – татарка🤗😏 #свадьба #transisbeautiful #ftm #mtf #wedding

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“We’re absolutely normal people,” Askarova told the Moskovsky Komsomolets tabloid.

“We want to convey many things to the public, primarily that we’re worthy people,” she told the Mash Telegram channel in a video interview.

When asked about potential threats to their safety, Askarova told the Idel.Realii news website she believes that the “fake” threats are the work of “invisible armchair generals of the internet.”

“People are killed, robbed and raped every day. They don’t have to be transgender, gay or lesbian,” Idel.Realii, the Tatar desk of the U.S.-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty news website, quoted her as saying.

Erika Askarova posted on Instagram “Today is exactly one year since I did the feminization of a face, 11/19/2018 it was 😌 thanks @konstantin_a_matveev #transisbeautiful #transgirl #beforeandafter #ffs #facialfeminizationsurgery #mtf #transgender #transgenderpride”

Referring to Russia’s 2013 ban on homosexual propaganda toward minors, Askerova told Idel.Realii: “We’re heterosexual. Propaganda doesn’t apply to us.”

Theirs may very well be the first known marriage of two openly trans people but there has been at least one instance of a cisgender and transgender Russian getting married.

Breaking the rules

We reported in 2014 Trans woman Irina Shumilova, (R) hadn’t been able to amend her legal documents to reflect her authentic gender so when she married cisgender woman Alyona Fursova (L) they broke no laws.

They did however set the author of the ‘gay propaganda’ law head spinning with British media’s refusal to acknowledge Irina’s trans status and framing their union as that of “Two Brides”.
The couple has used this fact to officially register their relationship because under the Family Code of Russia marriage is “voluntary consent of a man and a woman.”

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