Final Four Banner Drop for Transgender Rights

Final Four Banner Drop
Final Four Banner Drop
Our Soulforce banner was slightly large and political in nature, wasn’t welcomed by security.

LGBT activists and allies hoping to impress NCAA’s president about the importance of his continued support engaged in a direct action Sunday at the women’s final four.

Soulforce board member D.J. talks about why she’s doing this…

Decisions about the immediate future of NCAA championships in North Carolina and potentially Texas due to discriminatory state laws are coming soon, NCAA President Mark Emmert said at his annual Final Four news conference Thursday. But Emmert stressed the NCAA’s role is not to dictate to states what their laws should be but rather to determine whether states can provide “an environment that supports the collegiate model” as guided by the values of more than 1,200 member colleges and universities.

The group organized by Haven Herrin Executive Director of Soulforce felt that the best way to gain the attention of NCAA president was to engage in direct action at the game. Soulforce has for a decade visited religious schools that discriminate against LGBT people and is known for carrying through even when there was a risk of arrest.

Sunday’s direct action was no exception.

The banner drop was done at half time out of respect for the game earned an ejection for myself for recording it and Herrin and DJ Hudson for unfurling it.

We were escorted out of the arena and told arrest would be an option. We felt safe in the knowlage that we haden’t broken any laws but the intimadation factor was used.

When North Carolina’s former Gov. Pat McCrory first defended HB2 it astounded many that he cited his state’s sports programs as reason for discrimination. Texas Lt Gov. Dan Patrick has done much the same but additionally, he is now inciting hatred of transgender people using religion as a tool.

It is our sincest hope that NCAA will hear us and continue to take the high road amd have our backs on IX.

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