Filipino Police Are Rounding Up and Detaining Transgender Women

Oplan X-man
OP X-man
A sizeable force readies for ‘op-Xman’

According to the news outlet, PhilStar, police in Manila’s financial center are detaining transgender women in warrantless arrests. According to reports they had at last count held 67 women for walking while trans under “Oplan X-Man”.

PhilStar reports that the Commission on Human Rights(CHR) on Saturday night said it will investigate a reported policy of the Makati police for transgender women to report to their station for “Profiling” under

PhilStar linked to a Facebook page that has the official police emblem and appeared to be published by the Makati police. That page has since been taken down but not before Planet Transgender saved the images.

According to CHR, a video acquired by the commission showed Makati police ‘inviting’ a transgender woman to the police station.


When pressed for a reason for the invitation, the unidentified police officer admitted that he was simply carrying out a blanket instruction to “profile” all transgender women. The officer, however, failed to explain why this was being done.

CHR: Be cautious about accepting ‘invitations’ to the precinct

The commission, in its statement, reminded police officers that “arresting individuals cannot be made based on whim and must follow strict guidelines.”

“While we recognize that there may be incidences when inviting individuals to a police station falls within the ambit of legitimate police duty, the public should, nevertheless, be cautious in agreeing to such request as it may be used to effect a warrantless arrest,” lawyer Jacqueline Ann de Guia, CHR spokespeson, said.

“This recent incident further highlights the violence and harassment experienced everyday by the LGBTQI community because of their sexual orientation and gender identity and stresses the need to pass the SOGIE Equality Bill to bar and penalize all forms of discrimination against anyone, even including those who identify as straight.”

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