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Family Research Council Asks For List Of LGBT Activists At State Department

Family Research Council
During the campaign, Trump donated $100,000 to the church where the hate-group leader was interim pastor.

On Thursday, a group well-known to the LGBT community made a public request to President-elect Trump asking him to begin a purge of all of the federal employees at the State Department who had worked to expand LGBT equality. The Family Research Council – a lobbyist organization devoted to the opposition of LGBT equality since the 1980’s is no stranger to controversy, and has been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-LGBT hate group.

The Trump transition team responded to the FRC promising a policy of nondiscrimination in the white house. But will they hold fast to this and make this an inhospitable place for Tony Perkins and ilk?

Family Research Council

Readers may remember this group as the employer for the utterly disgraced child molester, Josh Duggar, who in 2013 was accused, and later admitted to the accusations. Over the past three years, further sex scandals involving Duggar were exposed including his paid extra-marital affair with porn star Danica Dillon (which allegedly ended with physical and emotional damage to Dillon) as well as Duggar’s involvement in the troubled “dating service for married people” website, Ashley Madison.

The hypocrisy of the Family Research Council has left critics puzzled by how this group continues to operate considering their past employment of men like Joshua Duggar. One would think that such an embarrassment would cause the group to rethink their pseudo-righteous positions.

This request is especially alarming to LGBT employees due to the recent request the Trump administration made to the Department Of Energy requesting a list of employees who have participated in work related to climate change. Although the request was refused by the Department Of Energy, questions arise about the purpose of these requests. Although the request had been made, the Trump Transition team strongly opposed the request citing interest in unifying Americans rather than dividing them over issues of LGBT equality.

Perhaps if Family Research Council director, Tony Perkins would like to start a new witch hunt, he should start with his own board room. It seems that true criminals like Josh Duggar have found refuge at the top of his own allegedly pious organization, and the public is left to wonder how many more men like Duggar may be hiding behind the Family Research Council’s “Godly” edifice while they hunt for innocent activists.


Maggie Brent
Resident of St. Mary's City, Maryland.


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