Families rally in Austin against anti-transgender healthcare legislation

HB 1399 denies insurance to doctors who prescribe puberty blockers to children diagnosed with gender dysphoria, but doctors with cisgender patients diagnosed with "precocious puberty" may receive the same medication without penalty. This destroys the bill sponsors' contention that the medication is experimental and those who prescribe it are committing child abuse.

Texas Hate state
Image / kelli Busey Planet Transgender

More than a hundred parents and their children railed in Austin Wednesday against Texas anti-trans legislation. They gathered in the rotunda before testifying in committee against the bills speaking passionately on how it would adversely affect their families.

HB 1399 would tell insurance companies that they can’t ensure doctors who prescribe puberty blockers to transgender children. However, a carveout just made allowing insurance companies the option to insure those doctors who prescribe the same hormone blockers to cisgender children.

CBS Austin: Despite immense opposition, the texas senate advanced a bill barring transgender students from playing ssports.

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