Fallon Fox wins by TKO in 2 miniutes spilling Tamikka Brents blood

Fallon Fox gives back
After her victory in last night’s MMA Cage fight in Springfield, IL, Fallon Fox autographed the trans pride flag to help raise money for TransTech! How AMAZING IS THAT? There’s only 1 Available for a $200 Contribution!

Transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox beat Tamikka Brents via KO/TKO at 2:17 of Round 1 at the Capitol City Cage Wars Co Main event Saturday night.

Bad Blood

Brents and out cisgender lesbian told Bleacher Report

“I just wanted to show people that I’m out, I’m proud about it, I don’t care,” the outgoing 24-year-old Springfield, Ill., native said with a laugh. “Basically, just, ‘Yeah, I’m gay. You got a problem with it?’ I’ll punch you in the face, too (laughs).”

That’s all well and good but before her bout with Fallon Fox she let be known that she did not respect Fox as a woman saying that Fox has taken womans MMA back to the side show era.

Tamikka Brents invites transhobes to her corner and is called out for it

But said she wasn’t transphobic? August 10th Brents [posted on Facebook saying what she had said about Fallon Fox had been misconstrued. She was merely trying to point out the Fallon Fox shouldn’t be (as?) out about her trans status and and should instead promote her fighting skills above all else.

Fair enough, but why didn’t Brents moderate her Facebook comments to reflect a commitment to trans inclusitivity? And as Womans MMA pointed out Brents Criticized Fallon Fox for Exploiting Trans Status, Then Exploits Fox’s Trans Status!

Brents, thus created a welcoming environment for transphobia on her Facebook page. A situation embraced by haters of all types. Many of these people who made these hateful comments care less about the MMA. Yet when supporters of trans people in womans MMA posted empirical evidence in support of Fallon Fox or asked Brents to make her facebook page as equally welcoming for everyone under the rainbow as Fallon Fox did those comments were deleted.

Fallon Fox didn’t just beat her, she split her head open according to #FoxHounds tweeting at cage side.

Our foxhound ringside is on the way home but has promised some videos when he gets there. Curious about what happened at cageside I asked our FoxHound on the scene if they felt threatened in any way:

“Yeah it was definitely tense. We were literally surrounded by brents fans (her hometown) and they were brutal. Booed Fallon, yelled ‘dude looks like a lady’ laughed threw the t slur. There were people who cheered for fallon, but we were def outnumbered. I was standing on chair holding trans flag” “The crowd was really loud as the fight began. Fallon came out fast throwing punches. Brents fans were foaming at the mouth practically. Lots more transphobic comments and Fallon just kept working on brents got her on the ground on her back and just unleashed on her. The crowd started getting a little quieter with every punch. Our voices got louder! Brents fans started staring at us, a few nasty comments. And then it was over! Fallon pounded her out! Her fans were pretty upset. Booed Fallon, alot. But they were definitely much quieter after that.”

Trigger Warning Transphobic comments made by Tamikka Brents fans can be heard

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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