MMA Trans fighter Fallon Fox VS Randi Miller at PFC 10 Denver August 14th

Fallon Fox VS Randi Miller

Randi Miller (L) Fallon Fox (R)

Transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox ( 5-1 ) will be facing Randi Miller (1-0) in Denver on August 14th. Miller, an Olympic wrestling medalist, won her first professional fight at the 1st all woman’s Invicta match by TKO (punches). Miller essentially bulldozed her way underneath the defense of a much taller and experienced fighter taking her out at the ground and pound in the 3rd round.

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miller ground and pound post

Randi Miller (red glove tape) pummels Mollie Estes (blue glove tape)

Fox is known for the same tactics using her skill, size, and endurance to wear opponents down to the ground pound. So this match will be a challenge for the transgender fighter. Fox will have to gain superiority over Miller early on and have the stamina to and keep after her in the final round if necessary.

Fox will have to bring her A-game. Not that she hasn’t always but watching Millers video to the end it’s clear that the hefty woman still had a lot of gas left at the end.

Being a transgender MMA fighter or any athlete competing in sport means you put yourself out there for public scrutiny.

But more than that. I have placed high in road races and come to find out a woman who ran faster than I did removed her name from the awards list upon learning of my trans status. Like beating me to the finish line wasn’t enough!?! No, it’s never enough for transphobes if you are in the game.

Being a transgender athlete means enduring defamatory remarks, win or lose, be it at the finish line or the fights end. This is something Fox knows all too well culminating with Fox finally responding to Ronda Rousey who incidentally was a co-announcer at the Miller fight.  All of this transphobia just makes trans athletes try all the harder to win, to be number one and never give up.

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