Facilities Access For Transgender Students Goes To The Supreme Court

Gavin Grimm

Gavin Grimm

The case of Gavin Grimm, 17 year old student from Gloucester County, Virginia regarding public school bathroom and locker room accommodation for transgender students will be heard by the US Supreme Court. The decision to hear the case was announced late Friday, and promises to solve the issue once and for all.

This case marks the first time that the highest court in the United States has heard a case regarding public facilities access for transgender individuals. Having transitioned in 2014, Gavin was allowed to use the boys restroom without issue by school administrators. It wasn’t until parents expressed concerns that the school reversed the decision.

Grimm’s case rose to notoriety nationwide as the Obama administration released an executive order that any school receiving federally apportioned Title 9 funding would be required to allow transgender students to use facilities conforming to the gender identity of the student.

Opposition to the policy was raised by 13 different states, and eventually US federal district court Judge Reed O’Connor issued an injunction to stay the Obama administration’s executive order.

Religious groups around the country who have claimed that accommodations for transgender access to public facilities should not be made on grounds that the population of transgender students is too insignificant to acknowledge. At the same time, puzzlingly, concerns about widespread abuse of trans bathroom access will lead to an increase in sexual assault cases have also been expressed by the same religious organizations.

Planettrangender.com wishes the best of luck to Gavin Grimm in his impending case, and we look forward to the next big step for the legal affirmation of transgender rights in America.

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