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Euphoria some crazy normal no labels growing up trans flick

Each person’s experiences early in transition is unique. Some may find themselves living a life very different than those of Jules played by trans woman Hunter Schafer. But somehow Euphoria has a little of everyone’s life in it. You may not have been an out of control addict waiting out rehab to use again. Or sex and gratification may not have been as central to you as it is to some characters in Euphoria. But Euphoria seems to move without obvious direct briefly grazing each of our shared experiences which makes it so unique.

And does it without labels. Explosive. controversial, emotional,  Euphoria may be one of the most relevant series of our lifetime.

Via Vice: Sam Levinson’s HBO show Euphoria explores teen lives, addiction, mental illness, sexuality, and social media, and it was the unexpected hit of summer 2019. But what’s happening behind the scenes is just as fascinating as what’s taking place on screen. Here is the untold truth of Euphoria.

When Euphoria first hit screens, alarm bells sounded for many adults. The graphic on-camera sex as well as the copious drug abuse displayed right from the get-go was concerning to older folks who felt it was exploitative. IndieWire went so far as to call Euphoria a “horror show,” a moniker that fits seeing as how much imminent danger the kids on the show are constantly in, whether at their own hands or others. Whether it’s Rue’s struggle with substance abuse, Jules’ sexual risk-taking with much older men, or Maddy and Nate’s toxic and physically abusive relationship, the kids don’t seem alright at all.


You can watch Euphoria Season 1 Episode 1  for free but be forewarned it is some really crazy hot shit, the kind that many of us lived.  Whats’s even better is that Hunter Schafer a young woman of trans experience co-stars and wrote episode two.

Euphoria co-stars Hunter Schaferm a trans actress surprisingly made GLAADs list of awards because it’s real, not some made up for cisgender homogenized shit.



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