Equality Maryland: UNBLOCK Trans Woman Danna LaRocca from your Facebook Page

EQMD censors vocal transgender advocate columnist Dana LaRocca who along with TransMaryLand is lobbying legislators to amend HB235 to include public accommodations provisions.

!!!Update: In=Equality Maryland is now deleting my from there facebook wall as well. Captures of thread before and after at the bottom of the post.

Equality Maryland has also been deleting comments by other Transgender Marylanders who are opposed to HB235 as written. In doing so Equality Maryland is misrepresenting the wishes of trans people to make appear we approve of the ‘equality’ bill without the all important public accommodations provisions.

What brought about EQMD’s silencing of it’s most critical transgender ally? What is Equality Maryland’s investment in a transgender equality bill without the volatile bathroom provisions?

LaRocca banned by EQMD after commenting on this this Facebook thread about the above picture explains in a Facebook message what brought about this draconian messure;

“As I said other dissenters opinions have been deleted, I don’t know if they have been blocked though. I think I have been polite. I sometimes use colorful language but I don’t curse or call people names or any of that childish nonsense. I think about a week ago I asked if anyone knew when certain legislators planned to propose a pissing license to avoid having to inspect genitals at the door.”

“In certain places that would be considered rude, but we are talking EQMD here. On February 4 they linked to a sex toy shop with a picture of a woman about to swallow a dildo. They were fund raising at the sex toy shop. Frankly I find that sort of thing in poor taste. My word “pissing” pales in comparison.”

“What upset them yesterday was the fact that I called them out on their lack of diversity. I don’t know my exact words but I have the responses from others to give you an idea of the discussion.”

“Next I posted jokingly that I was wearing my little red dress but that I was afraid of getting tossed out of the ladies room in Annapolis because my attire was illegal. Note; my (facebook) avatar is Betty Boop in a red dress.”

Danna was alluding to the 2009 incident when a transman was thrown out of the gay establishment the Hippo Bar despite Baltimore having transgender inclusive ordinances.

Why was Dana LaRocca’s comments deleted? Why was she blocked from commenting on EQMD facebook? Why were so many people’s comments disagreeing with EQMD agenda and methods deleted?

Many people myself included believe HB235 was striped of the public accommodations and served up as a sacrifice to transphobes so EQMD can get a marriage equality bill passed. Now that we bloggers have let the cat out of the bag we will be a lot harder to silence.


Edited 02/11/09 with my apologies for shoddy journalism to all offended.

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lets see if they leave this one up?

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