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Emily, If only I Had A Voice

All headlines are real.

Imagine as a child becoming aware of your gender, as most of us do, but not seeing or hearing anything in the media indicting you are normal. 

Nearly everything you see or read in social media tells you that you are deviant when in your heart you know you are just a normal kid.

Imagine telling your mother, your father, even your best friends but nobody hears you.

Imagine screaming at the top of your lungs and no one hears you!

From the UK Charity Mermaids:

According to our research, the amount of negative coverage of transgender kids over the last 8 years has grown massively and we’ve seen the damage it can do to vulnerable young people who are already struggling to be accepted at school, in public and even at home.

We want to change the conversation by helping our service users to tell their stories without being ignored, misquoted or ridiculed.

Letting kids and young people be silenced is not an option for us. Next year, we celebrate our 25th anniversary and over the last quarter of a century, we’ve seen many of our service users grow from timid, unhappy kids into proud, successful adults. But we’ve also seen the heartbreaking consequences when a young person feels ignored, misunderstood, afraid, abandoned and exhausted.

Anyone paying attention to the British media has seen this scenario played out over and over.

The government’s announcement that it was reviewing the gender recognition act with an eye to improve the system was seen as an open invitation by British media to dehumanize trans kids with the ultimate goal of dismantling the trans health care system.

The Guardian which for the longest was known to be a respectable media outlet announced the NHS review this way “Transgender NHS rules that allow men to share women’s wards if they identify as female to be reviewed”

Today we have good news to share. Thanks to your generosity the Fundraiser for Emily has been fully funded.

Media and school outreach programs will now have the resources to make an impact and give our dear Emily the voice she so desperately needs.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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