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Elle Fanning to Play Trans Character in New Drama

elle fanning
14 year old cisgender Elle Fanning will be playing Ray .  Photo: Elle Fanning Facebook.

A new drama show currently in early stages of production called ‘Three Generations’ has cast the actress Elle Fanning to play a transgender character. Set in New York, the show will follow Fanning as Ray, a young transgender male who reaches the decision to transition. The show will also feature his mother, played by Naomi Watts, as she struggles to come to terms with her only daughter becoming her son and his lesbian grandmother, played by Susan Sarandon.

Whilst some films and television shows have received criticism for casting Cis actors in trans roles, such as Jeffery Tambor in ‘Transparent’ and Jared Leto in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’, the fact that the show will be focusing on someone who is in the very early stages of transition. Some people might find this casting decision to be a misstep, but I’m hopeful that this will be a good show regardless of that and will accurately portray the process of transition and the effect that it has not only on the individual going through it but their whole family as well.


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Amy Walker
Amy is a journalist and editor contributing the websites Planet Transgender, Gay News Network, The Bottle Episode, The Retro Box and Claire Channel. Amy is also a published comic book writer and letterer. In addition to her writing Amy has also worked with the Centre For Hate Crime Studies in Leicester and has worked in the capacity of an advisor to the United Nations Entity For Gender Equality and The Empowerment of Women.


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