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U-46 board member Jeanette Ward
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Elgin Illinois School District announces Trans+ Policy

U-46 board member Jeanette Ward
U-46 board member Jeanette Ward

U-46 board member Jeanette Ward looks on angrily as the Elgin School District CEO announces the transgender-inclusive policy Friday. The meeting, where local hate groups spokespeople voiced opposition to human rights, was equally attended by students in favor of it. The policy allowing transgender students to use public accommodations which align with their gender expression went into effect Sept. 6th with no fanfare.

Elgin students petition asking for a revision of the board’s makeup to better represent their diverse population was countered by another supporting discrimination with all the earmarks of a local hate group.

The Chicago area is infested by known hate groups with chapters of the KKK, Skinheads, and right-wing radical groups. Neighboring Carol Stream is home to the reviled anti-LGBT hate group Illinois Family Institute which organized the opposition led by the sole board member to speak in opposition, Jeanette Ward.

Janette Ward, a climate change denier, book burner, history revisionist, evolutionist, and neocon Christian demagog argues on her blog that as a private citizen she has a right to oppose transgender rights. In one post she validates her opinions by making special note that any minority which constitutes but .03% of the population have no rights.

While it is true that Ward is entitled to freedom of speech she has abused that right by posting on tweeter as @Ward4U46Board obviously purporting to represent the school district views.

U-46 board member Jeanette Ward

Even retweeting a known hate group

U-46 board member Jeanette Ward

Jeanette Ward is interviewed in this video which the poster hilariously misspelled the derogatory acronym for the right wings best attempt to belittle those who truly do fight for justice.



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  1. Bitches like this need to be taught a lesson. Perhaps we should put her on a small island with limited food. Regardless of what percentage of the population a minority represents, we all have rights, because we are all flesh and blood human beings. In fact, I would go so far as to say it’s even more of a reason to listen and support, because minorities generally have more difficulty being heard.


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