Salvadoran Trans Leader Jade Camila Diaz Murdered

Jade Camila Diaz

Jade Camila Diaz

Jade Camila Diaz, a leading Salvadorian transgender activist was found murdered Saturday near her home in Lolotiquillo, Morazán. Diaz, whose body showed signs of torture was found in the Torola river with her hands tied in a burlap bag weighted with rocks.

Jade Camila Diaz is the 47th trans person murdered in El Salvador without a single conviction since 2005 when the legislature passed an enhanced hate crime law.

Outrage and fear.

Just two weeks ago trans woman Anahy Miranda Rivas, in an apparently random act of violence was dragged behind a van then stabbed to death on Boulevard de Los Héroes in San Salvador, the Salvadoran capital.

TDoR Remembering our dead project reports that four trans people have been killed this year in El Salvador including Camila Díaz Córdova who was murdered by police after being denied asylum by the Trump administration.

The NGO Comcavis Trans El Salvador issued the following statement on Facebook:

“COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP ASSASSINATION We demand from the State an immediate and diligent investigation of the facts and that it undertakes urgent measures that guarantee the protection of leaders, leaders, activists, human rights defenders and other LGBTI people.”

The attorney general, Raúl Melara, pledged in a tweet to investigate “in depth” the murder of Jade Camila Díaz.

The death of Jade, as well as that of every person, especially those in a situation of vulnerability, will be investigated in depth. That is our obligation and our mission, ”said Melara on his Twitter account

Diaz was creating a transgender women’s collective in San Francisco Gotera, the provincial capital of Morazan state.

She had also worked on forced displacement and migration issues, which particularly affect the trans community.

Monica Linares, the director of another advocacy group, Aspid-Arcoiris Trans, told AFP she was “concerned” the Salvadoran state failed to “denounce” these crimes.

The murders remained “unpunished” as the perpetrators are never arrested, she said.

El Salvador introduced hate crimes into its legislation in 2015, but there have been no successful convictions for the murders of any LGBT individuals, a 2019 Human Rights Watch report found.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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