Egypt’s war on Transgender people continues as police arrest two more women

egyptian police beating woman

In an unrelated arrest, an Egyptian woman being brutally beaten by police was captured on video. Trigger warning. Extreme violence.

Two transgender women identified as men by police were arrested on Sunday for allegedly partaking in “prostitution and posting sexually-explicit videos online”.

They were taken into custody at their home in Nasr City where police confiscated short dresses, high heels, makeup and adult toys. The possession of said articles by either gender is not against the law in Egypt.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the two defendants “have female physical and male genital organs” According to Daily News Egypt. The prosecution said that they publicised themselves wearing feminine clothes and offering sex in return for money.

The police said that after gathering enough intelligence and information, a police force raided the defendants’ flat. Local media circulated watermarked amateur pictures, which have yet to be verified, allegedly of the defendants, wearing female lingerie and short dresses. No nudity or sex acts were featured in the pictures.

Last year Egyptian police arrested two transgender women charging them with the same ‘crimes’. It is unknown what happened to these two women.

Things have only gotten worst

Arab countries, not just Egypt, are notoriously inhospitable to the transgender community.
Local sources say that things were better under the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s also noted that during the Brotherhoods brief period of influence they were more concerned with consolidating’s also important to know that under the brotherhood, police were simultaneously, albeit incrementally making conditions worse for the LGBT community.

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