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Ecuadorian transgender woman Marisol Almeida murdered on Christmas Eve.

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Transgender woman Marisol Almeida, 39, was found Christmas Morning, wrapped in a sheet, dead in her beauty salon.

Police officers who arrived at the site indicated that Morales had a cut on her neck, apparently caused by a knife.

According to witnesses, the victim met Thursday night with her family, drank a few beers, then left with others.

A friend of the deceased was the one who found the body after they arrived home and noticed that the gate was open entered and noted that she was wrapped in sheets.

The body was taken to the Forensic Medicine for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Theft is suspected, because two televisions were stolen.

Public statement


Ecuador: Assassinated stabbing transsexual Christmas night good morning

Silhouette X Association, categorically rejects the killing of another trans person, según Data Collected by the “Supervisory Committee for Justice and Human Rights” de este institution.

This Thursday December 25, 2014, Juan Luis Morales Almeida (Culturally name Marisol) about 39 years old, was found wrapped in blankets after six stab wounds to propinársele His body (one in the jugular), Which Appear to Have robbed life. Its premises, located in av. Causarina by the entrance of the Eight northwest of Guayaquil, was the scene. Relatives and friends of the victim suspect bloody esta That fact was made a partner Known as “Robert”.

During 2014, we Identified Through This institution, nine murders Against LGBTI people, of Which 8 are home Against trans people (transgender and transsexual female) and detailed below:

One Guayaquil Julio Cobos Darwin Reyes 17/02/2014 Gender Identity Transfemenina Murder
February Guayaquil José Andrés Cuenca Adrian 28/03/2014 Gender Identity Transfemenina Murder
Three Freedom Giovanny Reyes Vidal Almeida 09/04/2014 Gender Identity Transfemenina Murder
4 Guayaquil John Orlando Jiménez Mateus 04/27/2014 Sexual Orientation Transfemenina Murder
5 Guayaquil Vallejo Cristian Murillo 30/10/2014 Gender Identity Transfemenina Murder
6 Guayaquil Ivan Enrique Zavala Letamendi 09/04/2014 Sexual Orientation Gay Murder
7 Duran Charlotte Valentina Vargas Calixto 15/11/2014 Gender Identity Transfemenina Murder
8 Guayaquil Melissa Cevallos Montenegro (John David) 25/11/2014 Gender Identity Transfemenina Murder
9 Guayaquil Juan Luis Morales Almeida 12/25/2014 Gender Identity Transfemenina Murder
One Guayaquil Katty Valley 07/30/2014 Gender Identity Transfemenina Attempted Murder
February Duran Kevin David Piedrahita Arias 12/08/2014 Gender Identity Transfemenina Attempted Murder
Three Guayaquil David Daniel Serrano Echanique. (Devora) 02/03/2014 Gender Identity Transfemenina Attempted Murder
4 Guayaquil Diane Mari Rodriguez Zambrano 10/10/2014 Gender Identity Transfemenina Death threats

We call on the Authorities to the case of the trans companion investigation, Because it is a possible hate crime (murder gender identity). Also for the rest of the event so far Collected During 2014, by the SC on Justice and Human Right Association Silhouette X.

Diane Rodriguez


Silhouette X Association

Tel: 0999659426 to 0982001871.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender



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