Drury Inn sic police on black transwoman for being a “male dressed as female”

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Drury Inn staff call police on black transgender woman Megan Taylor for being a “male dressed as female”

The West Des Moines Police report said they were notified about “two males dressed as females who checked into the Drury Inn,” and that “staff was worried about possible prostitution activity.”

The police arrived and continued to investigate even though no prostitution activity was noted. Taylor presented a Missouri license which did not her legal name. For this she was charged with MALICIOUS PROSECUTION, IE making false statements to police. The police also found that Megan was convicted of credit card fraud as a minor, done her time, but still owed $500 for a fine

Drury inn protest

The police also found an unmarked bottle of spirolactate a Diuretic, a drug which is part of HRT. Taylor’s crime was that she didn’t have a prescription, something many trans people do because they lack insurance and money to pay a doctor for prescriptions.

Taylor is presently being held in isolation until bond can be met. But this whole affair begs one question. Would Megan have been arrested or even have drawn the attention of staff if she was white?

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