Driver killed at the NSA gate identified as Transgender woman Mya Shawatza Hall

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Friends have verified that Mya Shawatza Hall, the driver of the stolen SUV was a transgender woman who lived in Baltimore. Friends have also said that Mya was a drug addicted sex worker who lived in a downtown abandoned building.

The AP contacted Kayla Brooks, who works at a transgender outreach program in Baltimore. she said the “last saw Hall was on Sunday.” Brooks says Hall “seemed high and was looking for a date” while walking up and down a Baltimore strip known as a hotspot for sex work.

The Washington post published this troubling report calling the two ‘men in dresses’ as many other news outlets have. “Authorities are still investigating the events that allegedly led Hall and Fleming to the NSA, but officials with knowledge of the investigation said those reviewing the case believe a 60-year-old man who owns the Ford Escape picked up two men dressed as women in Baltimore on Sunday night or early Monday.”

Howard County police said in a statement that the three men checked into the Terrace Motel on U.S. 1, also called Washington Boulevard, at 7:30 a.m. Monday before two of the men stole the SUV at about 8:30 a.m.

Editors note. While Planet Transgender is reporting facts the social circumstances that led to this shooting haven’t been mentioned by cisgender media. Suburbanites are known to lend their cars to people who will get them drugs, known as ‘running.’ It is a very real possibility that this was the case here and the car owner started jonesing after the two did not immediately return.

If so the transgender woman in this instance are victims of a society which is all to willing to use her, blame her and forget all of the protocols about reporting about transgender people when convenient.

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