Dripping Springs Tx defends trans Child from hate Group

Dripping Springs Tx

A Walnut Springs Elementary transgender girls right to use the bathroom was defended Monday by nearly half of the residents of Dripping Springs, TX., pop 1700. Twenty parents and students gathered in a park to speak to reporters.

“Texas Values”, a ‘Christian” organization financed and professionally directed national anti-transgender groups riled the small town residents by attending school board meetings where they spread lies meant to harm the child.

Parents took their message to Monday’s school board meeting. Keytv reports that 529 people signed a letter of support for the third grader and many of them were quick to stand and be counted during the public forum section of the meeting. But about a dozen people remained seated and the conservative nonprofit, Texas Values says their voices need to continue to be heard.

Being a resident of Texas I will confirm that the parents who stood represent true Texas Values. Transgender children and adults have long lived in our republic free of laws outlawing our very existence. One of the cornerstones of Texas beliefs, that we should be allowed to live our lives without the state or federal government’s overreach, is being challenged by the Lt Governor Dan Patrick who has made it his personal mission to destroy our lives.

50 Dripping Springs parents and students gathered in town park to show support for the nine-year-old.

Texas Values and some parents in the Dripping Springs Independent School District submitted a Public Information Act Request to DSISD requesting all communication between district employees regarding the bathroom issue including emails about the school district’s decision to allow the third grader to use the girl’s bathroom.



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