Dripping Springs TX Rejects Anti-Trans School Board Candidates

Dripping Springs Tx
Rob Satterfield, a parent whose child Shiloh, 10, right, attends school in the Dripping Springs school district, is alarmed about the safety of his children upon learning the district has allowed a transgender student who was born a boy and identifies as a girl to use the girls bathroom inside a district school. Texas Values and Rep. Jason Isaac gathered outside district offices to pray and discuss the district’s refusal to divulge more information on their policy in November 2016.

It’s only May but LGBTQI Texans have already defended ourselves against numerous legislative attacks. While the high-profile battles at the Legislature have garnered the spotlight one little town, Dripping Springs Texas, just quietly roared back. Yet you might not have heard about it because, in reality, it’s just what Texan do. We look after our citizens. All of our Citizens.

The Texas Governor’s office and attorney General while highly critical of Federal ‘overreach’ are trying to dictate and standardize bigoted beliefs against the will of the people across the second largest state in the union.

But as is the case of most bullies, Lt Gov. Dan Patrick likes to pick on a particular target, the smaller the better. And this time it was the tiny town of Dripping Springs Texas when the Walnut Springs Elementary had quietly accommodated a transgender student.

“Texas Values”, a ‘Christian” organization financed and professionally directed by a national anti-transgender group orchestrated a media blitz fermenting hatred of the transgender child and anger at the school board for their live-saving trans-inclusive decisions.

Over 500 Dripping Springs citizens responded by signing a petition in support of the transgender student as much of the town gathered in rallies and at the Legislature in Austin to show support of our community.

We endured the SB6 Senate State Hearings by a committee all but completely hand picked by Lt Gov. Dan Patrick. The Committee had invited the child pictured above from Dripping Springs to testify. The child essentially said that she didn’t know if there were any transgender children in her school, but if there were any she would surely be made uncomfortable by them.

The beautiful well schooled blonde youngster told a compelling story and became the hater’s poster child for the push to oust the Dripping Springs ISD school board during the May 6th elections.

But as is the case with Dallas, Plano, Rockwall, Dallas County, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and El Paso this wasn’t the people’s will.

In what may be the under-reported story of Dan Patrick’s war on children all of the Dripping Springs pro-equality School Board members were reelected, and the two anti-transgender candidates were defeated.

The people have spoken once again. This is the real Texas Values. Don’t Mess With Texas.



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