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“I am Jazz” SRS surgeon fired for posting pictures of patients genitals

Dr. Christopher John Salgado
Dr. Christopher John Salgado who appeared on TLC’s reality show “I Am Jazz,” posted this to his now-deleted Instagram account.

Dr. Christopher John Salgado, who appeared on TLC’s reality show “I Am Jazz,” has reportedly been fired from the University of Miami Health System after posting Instagram photos of his transgender patients’ genitals.

Salgado admitted to posting the pictures but said he had the patients permission.  Salgado attributed the accompanying transphobic and racist comments to an alleged hack.

TransAdvocat first reported Salgado took down his Instagram account but not before the offending pictures were shared to paste bin.

Who would be OK with those pictures being made public?

Trigger Warning highly disturbing pictures and transphobic and racist comments.

Image 1.
Image 2.
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Image 4.

Dr. Christopher John Salgado was fired by the University of Miami Health System within hours of being alerted to this by the TransAdvocate, but he still listed in the wpath surgeon directory

Evidently, it will take time to have Salgado removed.

‘In the meantime, WPATH has created a committee to review complaints about members, which is expected to consist of mostly transgender, non-binary, and intersex people.’ According to the TransAdvocate, ‘Dr. Colt Keo-Meier has agreed to serve on this committee and believes that should they “find that the posts are indeed his… [WPATHs response may] range from remediation to expulsion”. After the initial flurry of social media posts about Salgado, Keo-Meier contacted the National Center for Lesbian Rights who advised that, “based on the seriousness of the surgeon’s violations, a lawsuit could be more expedient” than reporting him to “the medical board and professional associations”.  He was further advised that, by posting images of his patients on Instagram, Salgado may have committed a HIPAA violation and that any patients pictured could be eligible to join a class action lawsuit. Those affected can contact Keo-Meier for more information.

Kelli Buseyhttps://planettransgender.com
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. Transgender children who are forced into Gender Conformity based on the gender they were assigned at birth, based on the least reliable indicator of gender, often become isolated, depressed, and suicidal.

    They are often misdiagnosed as bipolar, depression, anxiety, or similar. In reality, they are usually suffering from both PTSD and Gender Dysphoria.

    half of all transgender people have attempted suicide, and this may reflect a similar number of people who have actually ended their lives before their 25th birthday. When they are in a hostile environment (family, school, church…) the mortality risks soars.

    The morbidity rates are even higher. 90%, especially those in hostile environments, struggle with alcoholism, drug addiction, PTSD, sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV/AIDS), and many can’t afford medical treatment, so they are more likely to die of these conditions.

    On the flip side, the survivors often turn out extraordinary. They may initially lack social skills, but they are avid readers and often read LOTS of non-fiction trying to understand a world that makes no sense. Someone who struggles with their gender identities take nothing for granted. Why to boys do what boys do? Why do girls do what girls do? How do things work? How do people work? They see chain reactions of cause-effect that others are oblivious to, which makes it appear that they can see the future. It’s as if they were remembering the future. Transgender women have high IQs but they also have high EQ, emotional intelligence. They can perceive what others are feeling and can often make very accurate guesses as to why someone is upset.

    Morbidity is even work


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