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Double Trans homicide in Pernanbuco, Brazil

José Alisson de AraldoThe victims were identified as the transwoman P.R. da Silva, known in the city as Chica da Silva, 24 or 25, and the José Alisson de Araldo (or Araújo) Dourado, 16 or 17. On her Facebook profile, Chica used the name “Paola Bratho”.

The couple was shot to death in the late afternoon of last Friday, Jan 8th in the center of Limoeiro city, Brazil.

The murders occurred in Rua da Pedra street, behind the supermarket Supermercado Todo Dia.

They were both killed in a bed in one of the residence’s rooms where they lived. They were shot several times. Apparently they were sleeping or having sex since they were naked and wrapped in sheets.

Chica da Silva
Chica da Silva

One of the delegates from the city of Limoeiro, Dr. Jean Rockefeller, said that so far suspects of the double murder have not been found; everything points to an execution, since no evidence of a possible robbery was found.

Paola has previously been arrested for drug trafficking, and for the police, the possibility of the murders are drug related is a strong one, since she was still suspected of trafficking in the city.

Police officers began the investigations in order to clarify the murders, after analysing the crime scene and forwarded the bodies to the morgue, in Recife.

Sources: Budega Nordestina, Folha de Limoeiro, A voz da vitória DUPLO HOMICÍDIO EM LIMOEIRO – PE

Em Limoeiro – PE, Duplo homicídio foi registrado neste dia (8)

Casal homoafetivo: Duplo homicídio é registrado em Limoeiro

Eduarda Alice Santos
Trans woman, activist, writer and translator from Portugal (that's in Europe)


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