DNC trans delegate Forced by TSA to pull her panties down

Mia Satya
Mia Satya
Transgender woman Mia Satya had to endure a humiliating possibly illegal search by the TSA on the way to fulfill her delegate responsibilities at the DNC.

The TSA agent, “touched my thighs [on] both sides” and “the entirety of my panties from my balls and the front to the bottom of my dick,” Mia Satya told the SF Examiner.

Apparently, that didn’t satisfy the TSA agents. Satya was then escorted elsewhere for a private screening, where she was asked to pull down her underwear in front of a “screen” of “tiny fabric.” TSA then inspected her genitalia for several seconds, Satya said.

According to the TSA “Pat Down Procedures found on the TSA website “You will not be asked to remove or lift any article of clothing to reveal sensitive body areas.”

Mia Satya commented n Facebook “What’s truly upsetting is how widespread this sexual harassment, discrimination, and humiliation is. The only reason people cared it happened to me is because I’m a Delegate. So many people are incarcerated because of transphobic “arguments” with law enforcement. No one should be profiled and ridiculed for who they are. #TransformTSA”

When contacted by the The SF Examiner a TSA spokesperson was unable to respond immediately for comment.

Mia Satya has indicated that she is filling a complaint with the TSA for the alleged misconduct.


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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. This is a bloody disgrace. Disgusting conduct! They should be ashamed of themselves. Bastards!!!


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