Dismissal of Planet Fitness Lawsuit a watershed for trans rights

Planet Fitnrss

Yvette Cormier and attorney hear the judges ruling’

On the 11th of January, the court dismissed a lawsuit filed by Yvette Cormier which alleged Planet Fitness’ policy on gender identity created a hostile and offensive environment for women and children, claiming that allowing a transgender women into the locker room is an invasion of privacy that also impedes on civil rights.

Even the boycott announced by the AFA was a bust having no effect on their bottom line (pun intended) if anything added momentum to Planet Fitness’ growth. The lawsuit which asked for $25,000 in damages wasn’t helped by the fact Cormier didn’t have a copy of her contract with Planet Fitness to give to the court.

But now that the celebration is over let’s look at just why Midland County Circuit judge, Michael Beale dismissed the lawsuit. In doing so we come to see that he truly dispensed justice with his ruling delineating sex and gender and harassment which established an invaluable legal precedent for transgender access to public accommodations.

Screen grabs from the ruling.

Planet Fitness ruling public accomidations

Midland County Circuit judge, Michael Beale first established that the locker room at Planet Fitness is a place of public accommodations drawing attention to the word ‘sex’

planet fitness ruling defines sex vs sexual harrasment

planet fitness

Judge Beale defines sexual harassment

planet fitness ruling gender VS sex finding

The court found no basis for harassment since the plaintiff conflated sex with gender. therefore, a transgender person can not infringe on anyone’s rights simply by accessing public accommodations.

Planet Fitness

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