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Disabled Transgender Woman Recorded Her Stepfather Raping Her


It has been revealed in a Melbourne court hearing that a disabled transgender woman who cannot be named for legal reasons, used her i-Pad to film her stepfather raping her.

The woman, who is confined to a wheelchair, was reportedly in her kitchen in her home when her stepfather began to assault her by grabbing her breasts and thrust himself onto her.  when he left the room the victim set up her tablet device to record what she knew would be coming next.

Detective Brad Beale testified to the courtroom that the victim had previously refused to have sex with her stepfather a week before, but was left bleeding when he ignored her protests and raped her anyway.

Beale went on to inform the court that the woman’s stepfather had admitted to having sex with the victim close to 30 times over the last 6 years, but claims that his stepdaughter had propositioned him and threatened to to make false police reports if he refused.

The stepfather has been denied bail and the case will resume in October.


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