Did Santa Claus come out of the Santa Closet as transgender?


Is Santa Claus a transgender man? Well I can’t speak for Santa Claus but I did find this card stuck in my six foot high tree amongst the blinking lights and ornaments next to the fireplace.

OK. So I don’t have any of those things. No tree or fireplace. No ‘blood’ family. And no, I don’t celebrate this holiday in ‘traditional ways’  and yes I made that invite, but who’s to say? It’s always a possibility that Santa is Transgender.

Just suggesting that Santa Claus is transgender sure got the tea party’s ornaments swinging.

Then Rush ba humbug decked the halls

Memo to haters: Christmas is for everyone. Even brown skinned  middle eastern men who hang out with people like me.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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