Facebook deletes second group after posting video demonizing trans people

Cathy Brennan
The title of the video “Let Women Decide” is a trans-exclusionary meme popular TERF’s

The video coined by Zack Ford as “The Most Extreme Attempt Yet To Demonize Transgender People And Deny Them Rights” has Facebook running around squashing it and the groups that promote it. It is really that bad.

Who would do such a thing?

The video has TERF (trans Exclusionary Reactionary Feminist) written all over it, a movement arguably fronted by Cathy Brennan. The blog “Gender Identity Watch” authored by Cathy Brennan alias BugBrennan or “bug” as she likes to be known is first in line for credits.

Cathy Brennan denied participation in the video’s production in a transphobic attack on Autumn Sandeen on Gender Identity Watch. Which of course gave her ample reason to share the video, you know, for educational purposes.

And unsurprisingly, the second blog credited shared the video the same day it went up on Youtube.

The video has a lineup of men who at some point dress in women’s clothing while committing crimes. And for honesty’s sake, it did include a number of trans people who have been convicted of crimes, some of which we have reported on here. But most of those profiled in the video were cisgender and none of their crimes had anything to do with the enactment of laws. Any law for that matter. These are lawless people who act on their impulses regardless of possible penalties.

Zack Ford at Think Progress wrote about the one demonizing effect of the Youtube “The problem with this strawman is that it has nothing to do with laws that protect transgender people from discrimination. As Media Matters has repeatedly documented, states that have had these protections for years report absolutely no increase of sexual assault because of them — indeed, not a single attributable case.”

Bug also *denies that she fights gender equality laws, or has ever harassed a transgender person.

Brennan may have never doxxed an adult trans person (snark off) as she claims but she has outed trans minors to their schools

Well. the video doesn’t bear any further response other than a two thumbs up to Facebook for acting so quickly to hate speech and a fitting tribute to the bugs of the world.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. Hi Krista,

    I restored the comment that you responded too. It was pretty inflammatory but you did a good job responding to it..
    Thanks for reading,
    Kelli Busey

  2. How about you first post proof of your claim that “the rate of trans women committing sexual assaults is far higher than those committed by women born women?”

    You seem to think its easy to “pretend you’re trans”, that just by putting on a dress a dude is going to be accepted as a transgender woman. If it were really that easy to trick the world into believing it, there wouldn’t be endless people asking how they can change their appearance “to pass”.

    Try and be logical about this. If a person wants to commit sexual assault in a PUBLIC space, do you seriously think they are going to pretend to be transgender….and just end up sticking out more than they would otherwise?

    What exactly do you picture happening? A man in a dress walks into a crowded change room, claims to be a transgender women and then starts assaulting people and everyone else just looks the other way? WTF is wrong with you.

    People who commit sexual assault are not going to walk into a crowded bathroom or change room and just hope they blend in long enough for the room to clear and give them an oppurtunity. The entire argument is so ridiculous that only people like you would ever give it the time of day.

    Go spout you “women born women” bullshit somewhere else. If you are such a bigoted asshole why are you even posting on a website designed and run by trans-positive people?

  3. But most of those profiled in the video were cisgender and none of their crimes had anything to do with the enactment of laws

    Isn’t that the point though? That cis gender men can commit crimes more easily if they are .able to enter womens spaces by pretending to be trans?

    Could someone list the states where bills have been brought in and for how long and where there is confirmation of there being no incidents.

    How does the trans gender community respond to the fact that the rate of trans women committing sexual assaults is far higher than those committed by women born women? Does this not impact on the claim that trans women are women like any other?


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