“Diane from the Moon” a new short starring Mya Taylor from Tangerine


    Diane from the moon. 2 PNG
    From left to right co-director Hanna Ladoul, lead actress Mya Taylor, Producer Jessica Maroney and co-director Marco La Via.
    “Our story is about Diane, a transgender pagan priestess in the aftermath of a hurtful breakup.” Said Co-director Marco La Via, “As she struggles with self-acceptance, alcoholism, and recovering from her separation.”

    Then as an added twist, something trans woman are all too familiar with, Marco explains, “Tex, an enigmatic sociopath, starts to stalk her.”

    “There’s another story out there that needs to be told.” said Mya Taylor, “There’s a lot of drama, actually extreme drama, that happens here. This shows in-depth how the transgender community is and how trans people are actually treated.”

    The films star, Mya Taylor, currently has an Oscar nomination campaign underway for her work in Tangerine. She has been featured in Vogue, OUT, The Hollywood Reporter, Mic and more. She also just got nominated for a Gotham award.

    So how did these three cisgender directors and producers come to choose a transgender theme? Are they highfluting jet setters looking to make a mark in the minority de jour?

    “Diane from the Moon” was conceived when Hanna and I moved from Paris to Los Angeles.” said Marco “here, we rented a room from Raven who was in the midst of her transition. We were struck and inspired by Raven’s courage, and witnessing their friend’s day to day ups and downs made them strong allies of the trans community.”….
    “We felt we needed to make a film from a transgender perspective. Raven assisted us with writing, revealing some of the horrors transgender women must deal with, including harassment, violence, and stalkers. “Diane from the Moon” addresses both these external threats and their internal processing in one’s struggle to live an authentic life.”

    You can help our movement by visiting and contributing to their indiegogo fundraiser. You won’t be just helping with production costs you will be helping to pay for the transgender cast and crew that they are want to hire. Its a win win. Diane From The Moon!

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    Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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