Deny the “LGB Alliance” charity status giving it the same stature as Stonewall UK

LGB Alliance

The UK based ‘LGB Alliance’ has filed for Charity Status. By achieving this, they would have access to increased funding and more importantly validation that in their opinion, trans lives do not matter.

We might only know these people as lesbian outliers, banner holding bullies, forcing their way to the front of pride parades to shout anti-trans slogans.

But it’s much more than that.

LGB AllianceThe truth is anyone is welcome, man, woman, gay or straight, and the more rightist their political agenda the better. They don’t have to like or respect each other for that matter. And a lot of them troll Reddit.

We have seen like-minded TERFs speak at the invitation of right-wing politicians in support of bathroom bills here in the states. Those politicians despise anyone LGBT, and those TERFs knew it. Thet just didn’t care what sort they have to ally with as long as they get a shot at transgender children.

Who are these people and why are they so focused on silencing transgender people? The admin at the Reddit LGB Drop the T asked the 17,000 subscribers that very question. One answered…

Get The L Out TERFs take on it at the ‘Gender Critical’ Reddit, a group with more than 58,000 subscribers. TERFs believe that transgender woman are men. They mourn trans men as stolen souls spirted away from their true gender by transgender ideologists.

Happy lesbian visibility week from r/GenderCritical

Other wishes we would just stop calling ourselves human.

I really wish transwomen did not call themselves women, I wish they included trans from r/GenderCritical

Thousands of people are calling on the Charity Commission not to give charitable status to the LGB Alliance for being a “transphobic hate group”.

According to Pink News the LGB Alliance opposes any changes to gender-recognition laws because, it claims, reforms would “hurt women and girls” and “undermine” LGB rights – despite LGBT+ groups and women’s organisations in Scotland strongly supporting the proposed changes.

LGB Alliance co-founder Malcolm Clark suggested that the money raised on JustGiving was used to pay for newspaper adverts attempting to prevent GRA reform and would be again in future, telling supporters in a now-deleted March 7 tweet that if they “liked those ads and want more we’ll need a LOT more money. Please donate”, and sharing a link to the organization’s JustGiving page

Pink News points out that JustGiving’s community guidelines say all fundraising campaigns must be “for good, for all and for the community” which The LGB Alliance is clearly in violation with.

Please consider joining with the 29,000 LGBT and allied who people have signed the petition “Stop LGB Alliance Gaining Charity Status”.

This petition to Charity Commission Baroness Tina Stowell points out that the LGB Alliance has run anti-trans advertisements targeting Scotlands Gender recognition Bill which would vastly simplify Birth Certificate corrections.

For all intents and purposes, the LGB Alliance is nothing more than a thinly veiled hate group.

Exclusion is the one common thread shared by all who espouse the LGB trans-exclusionary ideology and it will ultimately be their undoing.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender



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