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DENNY’S Gender Grand Slam Ban’s Transwoman from Ladies Room

As transfolk we understand our moral obligations to society and none more so than respecting others right to privacy. Accordingly, we often are perplexed when Cisgender people make a big deal about us using the restroom.

Brianna Freeman of Lewiston Maine was banned because of a alleged complaint from a anonymous source complaining about Brianna. No official complaints were lodged and police have none on file.

Denny’s feels it is doing the right thing even though the state has legislation protecting the rights of transgender people to use the proper public accommodations. “The problem is that another individual with inappropriate motives could abuse the policy that permitted a male to use the woman’s restroom.” according to Denny’s attorney, Patrick Mellor.

Maine Public Broadcasting Network interview with Brianna and Denny’s.

Brianna feels her rights have been infringed on and Glad is representing her in a case that asks for no monetary restitution. She just wants to be free to pee.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. The Case is still listed as ‘pending’ by Glad.

    “In a critical, first-of-its-kind ruling, Androscoggin Superior Court on May 27, 2010 affirmed that Maine’s law protecting transgender persons from discrimination includes ensuring appropriate access to restrooms. While this is a preliminary ruling, it is an important first step in guaranteeing that transgender people have full protections under Maine law.”

  2. does anyone see the irony in his quote… males (sex) should not be allowed in the women’s(gender) restroom. there is also a law called the bathroom of least astonishment (i know harry pottereqsue) and say that the person who has an issue is the one that has to find a new bathroom, not the transperson.


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