Free Screening of Christine Hallquist “Denial” from transition to climate change

What a great memory one year ago. This is my daughter Jillian and I at San Francisco Pride. I love you Jill Hallquist! Photo/Facebook

“Denial” starring transgender woman former energy CEO and VT. Governor Candidate Christine Hallquist is slated to have a free screening in Dallas October 2nd.  Hosted by First Tuesday Social Justice Film Festival the film will be shown at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff. (map)

Co-sponsored by the Dallas Peace and Justice Center and Planet Transgender, the award-winning documentary delves into the consequences of climate change .

Plot Summary

“Every day our changing climate pushes us closer to an environmental catastrophe, but for most, the problem is easy to ignore. David Hallquist, a Vermont utility executive, has made it his mission to take on one of the largest contributors of this global crisis-our electric grid. But when his son Derek tries to tell his father’s story, the film is soon derailed by a staggering family secret, one that forces Derek and David to turn their attention toward a much more personal struggle, one that can no longer be ignored.”

You can’t see Denial on Amazon yet, but you can at the First Tuesday Film Festival Oct 2 for free!

The film, originally solely about climate change denial had an unexpected twist. While in production Christine David Hallquist realized that she must first confront her own denial, and her biggest fear, that of living in her correct gender.

katiek-8 reviewed Denial on IMDb (unintentionally) misgendering (corrected) Christine:

“Smart and emotional all at once”
There’s no way that plot summary does justice to how entertaining, nuanced, and emotional this film is. It ends up being a complex character study — more like a Hollywood drama than a documentary, right down to the plot twists. Except that it’s real. And it’s an approach to a character that Hollywood rarely nails, because this dad defies all cliches, even in his “denial.” Shes painfully, wonderfully human. It should be on one of those “sleeper” movie lists, because I think it came out a while ago and I only just heard about it, and yet I loved it.”

DENIAL from GRPNY on Vimeo.

As 501(c)3 organizations, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff/First Tuesday Social Justice Film Festival and the Dallas Peace & Justice Center do not endorse any political candidate or campaign.

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