Demanding Justice for Jennifer Laude, murdered Filipino transgender woman


Daily protests fire up anti US sentiments as the gruesome details about the murder of Jennifer Laude, Philippine transgender woman become public. Our community worldwide is all too aware of how prosecution on transgender murder cases can be bungled and forgotten.

What we know:

Pemberton was recorded by CCTV leaving a bar with Jennifer Laude.

Witnesses told police Pemberton was the person last seen with the victim late Saturday.

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Protest actions will happen simultaneously on Oct. 24, 2014 at 4 PM at Quezon City (UP Sunken Garden), Cebu City (venue TBA) and Legaspi City (venue TBA). Register here

Pemberton was seen leaving the motel where the murder was committed shortly after checking in with Laude.

Police said the victim was found half-naked on the bathroom floor with more than a dozen bruises, cuts and bite marks.

Jennifer Laude was drown in a toilet bowl, as her head was forced under water by pressure applied to the seat as the killer stood on it.

The Filipino Government has issued a subpoena and complaint against Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton for the murder of Jennifer Laude.

Under current agreements the US Navy can ask to keep Pemberton on board a ship until such a time as he is convicted.

The hearings begin on Tuesday.

Lawyer Harry Roque, the legal counsel of Laude’s family, posted in his Twitter account that “Barbie” was admitted to the WPP on Saturday afternoon.

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