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DelhiQueerPRIDE 2017: A Defiant Celebration of Dignity, Diversity and Resilience

DelhiqueerprideHundreds marched in India’s 10th DelhiQueerPRIDE celebration today braving the smog and anti-LGBT laws. The colors were fabulous and the mood was celebratory, but as the day progressed the undercurrent of proud defiance became increasingly evident.

Tish Anand, who wore a wig Times of India that he was inspired by the Disney Channel character Hannah Montana. He said he would sing and dance, as long as he didn’t trip over his heels, but was frustrated with authorities.

“I don’t understand why they criminalized love,” he said. “Duh. They are jerks.”

Manak Matiyani, one of the organizers, said his wealth and education allowed him to live as openly gay but it was much harder for those with less privilege.

“We’re fighting for the right of everybody in this country to live as an equal citizen, which means that everybody should be able to live their life the way they want to,” he said.

The defiant attitude at the DelhiQueerPRIDE was right on time.

Currently if convicted under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code a person could face 10 years for same-sex relations. But the Supreme Court has just reopened the case giving hope to India’s 2 1/2 million LGBT people.

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