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Last day to comment on Proposed Delaware School Transgender Policy 225

Delaware Family org
Those opposed to the affirming lifesaving 225 wore orange shirts saying so.

Delaware’s proposed transgender student policy 225 flew under the radar for many, except some anti-trans hate groups, who have used fear to draw an angry response from the general public.

The Deleware Legislature directed the State School Board to produce a transgender policy which can be read HERE and conduct a comment period and town hall meeting with the public, which they have done.

For readers in Delaware GLSEN has a wonderfull sample email in support of DE Admin. Code 225

This all would have gone mainly unheralded but for The Delaware, an affiliate of hate group “alliance defending freedom” and the infamous “Focus on the family”.

Delaware has been busy scare-mongering parent that the policy will make their girls show with boys and that they are being called ‘non-allies’ who are in jeopardy of being stripped of their parental rights by the government.

The proposed policy does allow for a student to self-identify if it is determined that doing so without the parent’s knowledge is in the child’s best interest. There is a lengthy procedure to come to this conclusion, but one that under the correct circumstances will save children’s lives. But nowhere does the policy denigrate parental rights.

Obviously, the parents that the Delaware Families have brought to the conversation all feel that their child couldn’t possibly be transgender. They only see it as a threat to their child and their parental rights.

Then, of course, there is the ‘bathroom’ and Locker room’ dog whistle which the Deleware has been blowing loudly. Never mind that there has never been an instance of a transgender student violating a cisgender students privacy in public accommodations. Ever. Anywhere.

What makes news clickbait.

Angry reactions from parents during the comment time allotted by the State school board which ends on December 4th. News of this just appeared.

What doesn’t make news.

Successful suicide attempts by transgender youth. No ones know why children killed themselves except perhaps a parent. And all too often they are in such denial they will attempt to erase the child’s history as happened with Leela Alcorn.

Make no mistake. There is a portion of society that would be fine not knowing why children kill themselves.

A highly cited study shows that 50% of transgender youth attempt suicide before their 20th birthday. That rate is considerably lower, paralleling cisgender youth suicide rates, in states and countries that have transgender-inclusive laws and policies. Obviously, there is hope amongst our youth where acceptance and opportunity exists. The prevalence of self-harm and suicidal idolization is exacerbated by parents who refuse to accept that their precious child doesn’t meet their gender expectations.

For readers in Delaware GLSEN has a wonderfull sample email in support of DE Admin. Code 225

Yes, you heard her correctly. She said 225 would allow children to self-identify their race.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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