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Every so often someone publishes an article in which they declare that their transgender transition was a mistake and that they have detransitioned.  In most such cases, the person does so because they were unable to deal with the stress they encountered, or the lack of acceptance by those around them.

This case is different.  Here, we have an individual who transitions, and is apparently incapable of living successfully and then detransitions.  To make matters worse, this person takes to the internet in order to blame everyone but himself for what occurred.  He blames medical personnel, potential employers, family attitudes and even a traumatic event that occurred in early childhood, claiming it was the, ’cause’, of his believing he was transgender.

So let’s look at this by comparing this person to a transgender woman (me) who is two years younger than he is.  We both became aware that our gender didn’t fit what we were assigned at birth at around five years old.  I never attributed that to a traumatic event in childhood for a very simple reason.  My childhood was uneventful and there was no traumatic event that triggered what I felt.  Walt Heyer transitioned at age 42 and blames it for the break up of his marriage and for his family hating him.  I transitioned at age 34, but my marriage was dissolved ten years prior and my family was somewhat supportive, but by no means happy about what I needed to do.  Walt claims he had 200 interviews before he could obtain a job, as a woman.  Even though, I could produce no work history in the correct name, it took me about a month to obtain my first job.   And I should point out that I looked nowhere as good as the center photo, below.  I successfully worked in several industries and even had a stint at running my own business until I retired a few years ago.  I never had any thought of detransitioning.

So why are the results so different?  I suspect it was because I told the psychologists that oversaw my medical transition, the truth.  I say that because I do not believe there is a single medical professional in the world that would authorize reassignment surgery to someone who told them their gender dysphoria was the result of a trauma in early childhood.  There is nothing in medical literature to support such a claim.

Now we get to the truly heinous part, where this individual, not satisfied with blaming everyone else for his self-inflicted problems (assuming his claim of an early childhood trauma precipitating his belief he was transgender), but he starts a website to proselytize his view that no one is born transgender, in a deliberate attempt to undermine those who are transgender and have succeeded where he has failed.  In reading through his website, I noticed the language he uses is almost identical that that used by transgender exclusionary radical feminists (TERF)  and gender-critical trans women who feel they will never be accepted by others and have tried to find a niche existence by denying their own identities.

Sorry, Mr. Heyer, but you are wrong on every point, from blaming your personal failure on others to trying to undermine those who succeeded in living happy productive lives, where you could not.



A California man decided to undergo gender reassignment surgery at the age of 42, but eight years later, he made the unusual decision to reverse the procedure and go back to being a man. Now, he says he should never have been allowed to have the surgery in the first place.

Walt Heyer, now 74, says he isn’t the only one who wasn’t properly evaluated before undergoing the procedure in 1983. Heyer says he spent most of his life, from the age of 5, feeling as if he was trapped in the wrong body. As a married father of two, Heyer decided he needed to have a sex change just barely into his 40s, but now, 32 years later, he says doctors failed to properly evaluate his motives.

“Immediately after the procedure, you’re in a state of euphoria because you battle it for so long,” Heyer told Daily Mail. “You think this is wonderful and fabulous and you think your life’s going to be good and then as time goes on, there’s this funny little thing that happens in life. It’s called reality.”

Heyer reveals that he had his male genitalia removed in the first procedure and got breast implants to make the full transition to female. While going through the transition and taking hormones, Heyer says he faced a lot of discrimination.

“I ended up for a long time unemployed and trying to figure out what to do,” Heyer revealed. “I went to over 200 interviews before I got a job, because people don’t really want a transgender person — they don’t want to hire them, so it took a long time.”

Heyer says some time after his procedure, he decided his desire to be a woman came from trauma suffered during his childhood, but at that point, going by the name Laura Jensen, he was unable to reverse the procedure safely.

Now, years after making the decision to once again live as a man, Heyer says he doesn’t believe people are born transgender.

“Gender dysphoria is a psychological condition where you are dissatisfied with your gender,” Heyer claims. “Nobody’s ever born a transgender. They’re manufactured as a result of something, a developmental childhood issue that has yet to be determined for many people. In retrospect, I can see that changing genders, quite frankly is just pure foolishness.”

In his interview with the Daily Mail, Heyer goes on to describe his childhood and all that happened to him that ultimately led him to drastically change who he was. Heyer says he lost his wife and two children when he decided to become a female, and although the relationships with his children have now been repaired, he still has the deal with the effects of his decision.

These days, Heyer runs a website called Sex Change Regret, where he unofficially counsels people who deal with regret after undergoing gender reassignment surgery as well as people who are looking to change their gender.

via Man Who Had Two Sex Changes Talks Of Sex Change ‘Regret’ And Believes That Nobody Is Born Transgender.

Robin Lynn Frank
I am a trans woman, born in 1943. Transitioned in 1977, I Have lived on both coasts and places in between. I'm in the process of writing an autobiography and have written articles, calling attention to crimes against trans people. Anything else you need to know, feel free to ask.


  1. Walt Heyer is to me as Robert Goulet was to Elvis. If i saw him on TV i would probably blow up the TV like Elvis did when he saw Robert Goulet on it. I would love to debate this clown and debunk all his bullschmitz about ‘psychiatric disorders’ causing gender confusion. No. Psychiatric disorders in trans folk come from abuse and ignorance of the straight world. And with more tolerance theses cases diminish and trans folk of younger generations are actually healthy compared to older ones. Walt Heyer, Laura Jensen, put your panties back on!

  2. This person is not only deluded. But obviously a person who will blame everybody else but himself. He was never a woman at all. Probably a fantasist transvestite who fancied the life style, but couldn’t hack the reality. So blamed anyone and everyone else for his failures. What a loser and a total hypocrite. Grrrrr 🙁

  3. I’m a 59 year-old transwoman who started her transition at 51 and completed it st 58.
    I had plenty of time to work through my choice, and could always have gone back.
    Right up to surgery.
    No, it’s not easy living as a member of the opposite sex, BUT, I can tell you,that after a depression that began at puberty, and disassociation prior to that, it ended as soon as I started H.R.T. and has only gotten better.
    I know of other girls who blame their doctors, therapists and what have you for their problems, but further research usually indicated that they LIED to be able to get permission.
    I’m willing to bet that Mr. Heyer did some of that.


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