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Debunking Dana Beyer’s Trans revisionism

dana beyer
Dana Beyer

Of all the tripe filled gag inducing things I have read on right-wing rags nothing could compare with Dana Beyer’s pompous self-congratulatory revisionist Huffpost article “Keeping Your Eye on the Prize: Maryland Today Legally Embraces Its Transgender Residents.”

Just in case you haven’t noticed Dana, I’m not going to be polite. (You know what I mean) I am, however, going to be brutally frank and honest.

The title of Beyer’s piece hit me like a ton of bricks. Beyer didn’t see the prize in 2011. She didn’t even have her eyes open. Beyers added her transgender voices to HRC and Equality Maryland further obfuscating the truth. Combined they were shouting over the majority of state trans residents who were vehemently opposed to HB235

HB235, a vile treacherous stab in the back.

In 2011 Equality Maryland saw a opportunity to get marriage equality. So they rallied their political proxy in the legislature who wrote a transgender equality bill to appease, or so they thought, the religious right. HB235 did not have public accommodations provisions for trans people unlike all previous bills.

Beyer’s wrote in Huff Post:

In spite of that big county win, the state bill stalled year after year, primarily because the gay community prioritized relationship recognition. I’ve said for years that was to be expected, and not a cause for anger or resentment, as we’re all motivated by self-interest. People should just own up to it, and not claim credit for work they either didn’t do, or did very casually and poorly. With the crisis inside Equality Maryland following the marriage equality failure of 2011, Gender Rights Maryland was created by Sharon Brackett to put the trans community in the driver’s seat.

That year, we in Maryland were under attack by community outsiders because the bill did not include public accommodations. People with no skin in the game viciously harassed our legislative sponsors, causing us terrible difficulty in maintaining our coalition allies and legislative supporters.

I am the outsider Beyer is talking about. You see. I used to live in Baltimore and have a strong connection to the city. I have worked the docks and ports. I am as Maryland as anyone  But to Dana Beyer, I had no rights in Maryland since I now live in Texas.

We threw off’s shackels as they tried to trade us off for mariage equality

Early in 2011, the Maryland community came to me. They lacked a way of responding to EQMD and gay media after being blindsided by the introduction of HB235. Local trans residents were thunderstruck as EQMD drowned out their voices, and banned them from social media.

So I gave them a private place to strategize and use of my fledgling blog to as a media platform. And yes, we called on their state representatives as is our constitutional right.

I gave the trans resistance a voice as they went underground to escape harassment from TERFs led by Cathy Brennan, a Maryland resident.

Beyer would have you believe that she is the victim and a champion selected by the majority, both a martyr and savior wrongly targeted by ‘outsiders without ‘skin’. That is incorrect. She is respected by some, mostly the folks that hold to the notion that marriage equality and gay rights take precedence over trans rights.

Yes, Equality Maryland lost in the long run, They lost big time but  it wasn’t because of us. They imploded after their membership learned about what the organization had done. That we can claim responsiblity for. WE educated their membership who then demanded that the  board fire Executive Director of EQMD, Morgan Meneses-Sheets.

Now I haven’t had much to do with this years bill. Equality Maryland has learned the hard way to respect transgender people and in turn I respect and support present day Equality Maryland. Just wish that they would remove the ban that still keeps me from commenting on their Facebook page.

Beyers didn’t have anything to do with this year’s bill passing according to local advocates.

“Gender Rights Maryland”, the group she said was created to ‘put trans people in the drivers seat’ didn’t join the organization responsible for passing this fully trans inclusive bill.

The two Maryland transgender organizations who voiced opposition to HB235 were part of that group, the “Maryland coalition for trans equality. Again, “Gender Rights Maryland” is not a part of the organization that was responsible for the passage of todays bill.

Beyer did, however inexplicably mount another failed political bid against one of the key legislators responsible for this years fully inclusive bill……..
Politician wannabes are certainly an odd lot.

Shunned for her narcissistic duplicity Dana Beyer sat on the sidelines, presumably stewing and composing her Huff Post piece while the rest of the community worked cohesively to pass this years bill. Beyer had little or nothing to do with it. If Dana Beyer had her druthers, Transgender Marylanders would have had a to deal with going back after the fact to try to get public accommodation protections added to their legislation.

Ask Massachusetts Trans people how that’s going.

What really happened. You know, reality sucks for those who live in a cocoon.

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Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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